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12 Signs You Should End Your Relationship


No matter how it is done, every break up is painful. Taking a break from a relationship is one of the most painful and difficult parts of a relationship. No one wants to go through a break up in any relationship. No one wants to feel as if they failed at seeing the relationship through successfully. Sometimes, breaking up could be the best decision you can make in a relationship.

Some of us are unhappy in a relationship and they know it but they still cannot let go due to fear or some form of denial. Remember that everything does not work out exactly like we want to and sometimes, it is a good thing to break up.
Below are 12 signs that it is time to take a break from your relationship. I hope they help you come to a deserving decision. Good luck.

(1) Does not pay bills- your partner never pays bills during dinner dates. He or she never suggests that you split bills. Sorry but I think someone is mistaking you for mother Theresa.

(2) You no longer feel attracted to him/her- when you two first met, it was all sugar and spices. You were very attracted to your partner. Now, the spark is gone. You no longer find him attractive.

(3) His/her personality does not appeal to you anymore- You no longer like his personality. At first he seemed nice and his personality was likeable but now, you are tired of listening to unending tales of how his day was and how good he is.

(4) Your priorities differ- you plan on pursuing your education to the PHD but he is confined and satisfied with his diploma. Sometimes the difference in priorities might collide in the near future.

(5) Boredom has taken over your relationship- you no longer have fun. You used to go out for the movies, ticket concerts and dinner dates but now they seem to have gone extinct in your relationship.

(6) You envy other couples- this simply means that you are simply not happy in your relationship and therefore not content. This should not be happening to you when you are in a relationship.

(7) Your partner is abusive- it does not have to be physical abuse. Your partner may be verbally abusing you which is a clear indication that you should leave ASAP.

(8) You constantly flirt with other people of the opposite sex- it simply means that you are not emotionally attached to your present partner. When you are in a happy relationship, there is no reason as to why you should be checking out other people. Think about it.

(9) You literally forget about your partner when he or she is not around- when you do not miss your partner when he is not around it means that you don’t find a problem in not meeting up. Therefore this is a clear sign that you should break up.

(10) You fight frequently- fighting and disagreements is normal in a relationship nut when you do it all the time and by all the time I mean it is the only way you keep in touch with each other, it is time to call it quits.
It has been long since you spent time together- this point does not apply to those in long distance relationships but if your partner lives two blocks away and you have not met up in a month, then it is time to walk away from the relationship.

(11) You frequently think about breaking up- you often think or imagine your life in future without him and feel relieved about it. It is time to move.
You feel the urge to snoop-you always find yourself looking at his texts and emails with an aim of finding whether he is cheating.

(12) You want him or her to complement you more-if you are feeling this way, it only means your partner is not complementing you enough.

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