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We are desperate on things that will lead us no way instead of surrendering everything to God alone we travel out looking for an alternative before we acknowledge that God is the Supreme problem solver. When people are in trouble they hardly remember God, that lead many thousands of people looking for Life partner from Native Doctors, and what pains me mostly some people can do something stupid to get husband and even children because of the pressure they underwent, never mind those problems they are just temporary it will soon be the thing of the past, so let’s not give chances to those who engineer you to solve those problems wrongly because only God can do what no man can do.

learn not on your own Wisdom but submit everything to God in prayer. If it’s not from God the solution would not last, Satan can use his manipulating powers to steal from what you have, Satan is a leader to every agent of destruction, he uses everyone who’s available to volunteer to destroy, to kill, and to steal.

Satan can be easily transformed into any being just to make sure he destroyed millions of people because of a single soul, it takes satan nothing to see Blood shedding every second, my friend remember Satan has destructive ability I Abraham Edward called satanically Power as a virus, therefore, everyone must get anti-virus software to figure out the Satanic manipulation that is using the word of God daily. Your anti-virus is your God while the virus is Satan and those people working for him all over the world.

God is the source of everything good and beautiful and it takes God nothing to do you good, though He works with the time and we must understand why he deals with timing when it’s your turn even Satan must celebrate your victory. God bless you as you share to reach out to the whole world Abraham Edward is nothing just an envelope. Written by Abraham Edward.


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