It’s amazing to see the so called ugly or not good looking women getting married to good men, whilst the presumed good looking, fascinating single women struggle to find a man of their own, not to talk of a husband. And they ask themselves, what’s wrong with me? Am I under any curse? It is great to look beautiful outside, it enhances confidence, it makes you bold but it’s not enough.

In this life, balance is everything, you need to be beautiful outside and inside, and that is what makes you completely beautiful. And of the things that can make a woman beautiful inside is the fear of God. It is also what gives you wisdom as a woman in choosing the right partner for life. Sad to know that many women don’t know God for themselves.

They go to church to do business; trying to buy blessings through offerings and sowing, attending all-night prayers in the name of favours. They don’t have a personal relationship with God; the account they have with God is strictly business, they are in because of what they want to get, forgetting that God doesn’t operate a business, He doesn’t trade currency, that’s what Satan is a specialist in. Satan is a merchant but God is benedictory.

Whilst Satan is an expert in trading, God is an expert in blessing. Satan sells and sells but God gives and gives. Whatever God gives you, it has no terms and conditions applied because He is a God of love but Satan sells with terms and conditions because he is god of hate. Any woman, who is looking for a good marriage, should make it a goal to have a personal relationship with God.

Get lost in God that any man who comes your way has to seek God to find you. That’s how you become a blessing to him. Being lost in the world and the things of the world, glorying in the expensive dresses and heavy make-up you put on doesn’t make you beautiful but only enhances your look. What makes you beautiful is your soul.

If you are lost in God, you have beautiful soul, you have a great personality, your level of wisdom and maturity is deep in the Lord. You are led on the right path of life because God guides your steps and direction. Being in the world makes you think cooking for a man can lead you into a good marriage, which is a big lie.

It doesn’t matter how great a cook you are, how well you prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner. It doesn’t matter how good the sex you give him is or the number of times and positions. Whether you support him financially, pick him up when he is falling, stick to him through thick and tough times, it still won’t be enough to make a good marriage.

For a good marriage is a blessing; it’s not built on the foundation of sin. If you have to sin to get it, then please forget it. In conclusion “Charm can be deceptive and beauty doesn’t last, but a woman who fears and reverences God shall be greatly praised” – Proverbs 31:30 (TLB).


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