Every friendship should have a purpose and every relationship should have a focus. The focus of every relationship should be marriage. You have no business being in a relationship with someone if you know you are not going to marry the person. You need to have the right focus why you want to be in a relationship with someone, and the focus should be because you want to marry the person.

It is so sad that a lot of people are in a relationship for wrong reasons, some are in a relationship because they feel lonely and they need someone to be with, others are in a relationship for sex, some also are in a relationship for fun, many too are in a relationship because all their friends are in a relationship and they feel left out, some people too are in a relationship because someone is putting pressure on them so they decide to be in a relationship. But all these are the wrong reasons to be in a relationship.

It amazes me sometimes to see people in a relationship with a married man or woman, but the question is, what business do you have dating somebody’s husband or wife? This is not the life of a responsible, matured person. Have the right focus for being in a relationship. Don’t start something with the intention of not finishing, if you know you are not going to continue and finish then don’t start it at all.

Be a responsible person, may be you are reading this article, and you know you are in a wrong relationship, is time to quit and come of such unhealthy relationship which does not have a future. I mostly tell ladies, when a guy or a man comes into your life, there are two things you should find out from him. Whether he has a plan for your life or he want to play with your life. This man or guy who claims to be in love with you, does he want to make an honourable woman out of you, to be his wife and the mother of his children?

If you are a guy who is fun of using ladies and dumping them, is time for you to stop and repent. Some guys are so proud of how they use ladies and dump them, but that’s a foolish thing to do, there is no sense in that at all. The bible says, you will reap what you sow, so if you are reading this today, is because God want you to repent.

Women are not sex toy or object that must be use and dump at will, it is so sad that when some men see women, all they see is breast, buttock and sex. But women are unique beings created by God to be a blessing to men and the world, so as a man, see women beyond sex object. Are you in a relationship with the right person? Is your relationship headed for marriage or you just want to have fun?

If you are in a relationship with someone, is time for both of you to define that relationship. Ask yourself, why are you in that relationship? is it for the right reason, if not, is time to quit, if you are also in a sexual relationship, is time to say no to sex and come out of such relationship and live pure and clean before God.

If you are in a relationship with someone and you know you want to get married, you have to set a Godly boundary around that relationship and know your limits. Don’t tread on dangerous grounds. As a lady, the fact that he is going to marry you does not mean you should be sleeping over his place, that’s a wrong thing to do.

Some of you know it’s wrong but you still do it in the name of proving him your love, stop that If in case you visit him and it’s late, then if he has a car let him drive you home, if he doesn’t then he should call for a taxi for you to go home. Never sleep over a guy’s place who is not yet married to you. Show yourself a little dignity, honour and respect. The Worst Feeling Is When after He Leaves You To Marry Someone Else.


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