Home News Buba Galadima: Buhari’s Marabouts Advised Him Against Removing Service Chiefs

Buba Galadima: Buhari’s Marabouts Advised Him Against Removing Service Chiefs


Alhaji Buba Galadima, elderstatesman and former spokesperson of the Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Council on Friday said President Muhammadu Buhari has no genuine interest in fighting insurgency and other security challenges in the country.

Speaking in a chat with Daily Independent, Galadima a renown critic of the Buhari administration said it is worrisome tha the Presidenhas refused to replace the Service Chiefs despite numerous calls by concerned Nigerians in the last four years.

The former ally of the President said the only reason he can proffer is that Buhari may have been advised against replacing the Service Chiefs by his Marabouts.

In his words “I have spoken a lot on this matter in the last one year. I don’t think the President has genuine interest in fighting any insurgency. He is like a deaf and dumb”.

“A lot of Nigerians have told him the proper thing to do but he doesn’t listen to advice. Whatever you tell him, he doesn’t accept. If not, any serious person who has the welfare and security of his people at heart, would have fired the entire Service Chiefs three, four years ago and bring another people who are capable of doing the job”.

”But he will not do it because he must have been instructed by his Marabouts that he shouldn’t remove them for whatever reason. That is the only reason I can give for his not replacing them”.

“So, we are just wasting our time by asking him to do so. The man is insensitive to people’s feelings, opinions and the advice well-meaning Nigerians are giving him”.


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