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Who is a soulmate? How do you know he or she is the one? This is one important question singles battle with. The sad part is, many pastors are not able to help them but rather confuse them further. I was listening to the radio sometime ago and the same question was asked a pastor, who claimed it is an internal feeling you experience when you meet your soul mate.

He urged that, Adam had the same feeling when he saw Eve for the first time and exclaimed :”bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh”!. My question is won’t Adam got confused if God created two beautiful women who looked almost the same; like twins?

Don’t you think Adam concluded Eve was the wife because this was the first time he was seeing someone who looked similar to him, since the animals didn’t look like him and couldn’t interact with him? Don’t you think his exclamation was out of excitement or gratitude?

In this present world with millions of women, various degrees of body enhancement, etc. How can a man know she is a soulmate? Men are attracted or moved by the sight, so how can one be sure He is not repeating the mistake of Samson?

Answering the questions, Adam didn’t settle on Eve as a wife based on feelings but on CONVICTION; a firm belief he had because of the source from where this gift came. The source was God, he trust the source for he was with the source. Adam knew the Source and had a relationship with the Source.

When you know the source, you know what to expect. Adam knows the source and knew what to expect. A man is a spiritual being. Beside the physical body, there is what we call the soul which is the seat of emotions and character. “Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being” – Genesis 2:7 (NIV).

God has deposited a spirit called the Holy Spirit in us which is our companion and comforter. He directs our actions, words and deeds. This Spirit hates dirt and anytime the body becomes dirty, when we sin and sin against the body, He leaves.

There are other sources that have spirits but can’t create bodies, which is Satan. Anytime the Holy Spirit leaves the body as a result of dirt, the spirit of the devil becomes the new tenant of the body.

The spirit that occupies the body operates it and directs it. So when you want to decide on a life partner, one of your concerns should be “what spirit operates in the person you want to become one with?”

The best way to know is the behaviour of the person. There is no secret of a soul which its behaviour does not reveal. Anytime you want to know the spirit that controls someone, listen to their words and watch their actions. Their words reveal their mind whilst their actions reveal their heart.

Just as the software of a phone reveals the source of the device, the behaviour of a person will tell you their source. You can have a strong feeling or attraction for someone but the way they treat you over time should tell you the kind of person they are.

You can buy a beautifully designed phone but its software will tell you whether it is fake or not. The beauty of a woman can get a man’s attention but her character will win his heart or vice versa.

Your soulmate is a person ideally suited to you as a close friend. Someone you have lots in common and share the same set of beliefs and behaviours. You can’t be faithful and have a cheater as a soulmate. You can’t be a believer and have unbeliever as a soulmate.

Adam found Eve in the presence of God, they had the same spirit, the same behaviour, the same software, from the same make. Ladies, it is a mistake when you leave the presence of God to find a man on the street. A man who has given his heart to God will automatically know how valuable yours is.


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