Those of us who were fortunate to meet our grandparents alive and still happily married, one of the things they wanted to show us anytime we got close to them, was their old pictures when they were young. They wanted us to see how beautiful and handsome they were.

How she was chased by every man, how he was every woman’s dream; the goal was to let you know they were once beautiful and handsome but beauty fades as you grow, handsome features die off out as you age.

But one thing they failed to tell you, was that what kept their marriage all these years had nothing to do with their appearance. Looks are not as important as young people think these days. Some young ladies respect their skins and make it a priority, take good care of it than the people in their lives, including their partner.

Some young men attend to their hair cut, take good care of their beard and give it more attention than they give to their girlfriends. They can’t afford to miss the saloon to look good or maintain their look, no matter how busy their schedule is, but they can easily take their partners for granted.

To these young men and women, what makes them more beautiful is their appearance but that is not the truth. What makes one beautiful is the soul. If truly, appearance is more important than the soul, then why would the soul rise to the sky after death but the body stayed buried in the ground?

Your soul defines your character, commitment, passion and is more important than how you look. Marriage is not about how cute the husband and wife look but how beautiful they live together. Couples are divorcing today because they can’t live together, it wasn’t because they didn’t look cute.

Just a guy’s appearance is giving some ladies orgasm, and it is sad to know that some of these ladies, in their minds, are in relationship with guys who have not even proposed to them.

Ladies are turning down good guys because of their appearance and not because of their soul. So she is in a relationship with someone who has a bad character, not committed to her, and treats her as an option.

Guys are proposing love to ladies today not because of their souls but their appearance. Because of that, they can’t date you without sex. To them, they are in love with your body and not your soul.

These guys throw away a good woman with good character reason that she refused to have sex with him because they were not married. This is something every guy should applaud a lady in this modern world for.

No matter how beautiful you are, your beauty will soon fade, if you are going to get married to someone because of their beauty, you begin to lose them right after the wedding. When all the make-up is gone, when the body enhancements are taken off.

By the time you start giving birth, your spouse might have found another new love. To him you have lost what he fell for or its value has depreciated. I strongly believe men who are quick to profess love to ladies they just met are not in love with them, don’t even love them and don’t understand that word LOVE.

Most of the “I love you” only means “I love your body and can’t wait to explore it”. You are more than your body, your soul defines you not your body. Before you accept that love, make sure they are in love with your soul.

“That is why we never give up. Though our bodies are dying, our spirits are[a] being renewed every day” – 2 Corinthians 4:16 (NLT).


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