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It’s funny how we fight for what doesn’t belong to us and hold on to someone who doesn’t want to be held on to. We are in relationships with people who have no business being with us. We spend our time thinking of people who don’t remember us.

In actual fact we fall in love with the wrong person, people who make excuses to be with us then give excuses to stay away from us. They make us feel like we are asking for far too much when it’s they who can’t offer us that much.

You wonder why the lovely, caring man you fell in love with has suddenly become super busy to the extent that, they even forget your name on their phone, but they manage to remember what is behind your pants when they finally meet up. Being busy doesn’t make you forget people, people make time for what matters to them.

They give you excuses which portray them as super humans, who are doing lots of things at the same time and as such they totally forgot about you. Meanwhile they never forget to eat and they never forget the path to their homes but they forget the path to your heart just because it never existed in the first place.

You are wasting your time on someone as if you will get a refund, you invest in people who are not worth and that is why it hurts so bad.

Love is not forgetful. God is super busy but never too busy for us. He places us first because of love. I am a really busy person attending to more than four jobs at a go, but I never forget my family. The question is, who am I working for? Who am I making money to spend with or take care of? Who is my responsibility? My family comes first; so no matter how busy I am, crowded with work or fun, the thought of my family comes first.

This is why I make time out of the busy schedule to be with them, to talk to them, to ask of them. They don’t have to beg me for calls, chat or time with them, for they come first.

The reason why these people who never loved you keep coming back into your life, is because they sometimes miss you when they are alone or lonely. You are like their spare tyre or a backup they fall on, not who they want to settle with.

Now that you know the truth, it’s all up to you to accept the position of a second choice or a backup plan. Don’t let anyone play with your feelings just because they are unsure of theirs.

It’s time to stop hurting yourself. It’s time to stop fooling yourself. Stop attaching your happiness to people who keep showing themselves to be temporary. They make you smile for a minute and make you cry for months. It’s not worth it.

Why stress and lose sleep over someone you don’t wake up to? Why fall sick for someone who will never take care of you? Why die for someone who will never bury you?

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it” – Proverbs 4:23 (NIV).


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