If anything is putting you constantly under pressure and takes away your peace of mind then that thing or person is wrong for you. If it’s making you see yourself as less and causes you to feel depressed then it’s wrong for you.

Therefore I say to you, unfollow your depression. This is the first step to gain your confidence back.

Every form of depression has a trigger and the best thing you can do for yourself is to find the trigger and remove it from your life.

If it’s a particular set of friends, block them for now, if it’s a celebrity unfollow them. If it’s social media, delete your social media for now. If it is your phone, keep the phone aside and get a Nokia 3310.

Do all you can to put out anything that when you see you start getting depressed.

And as for those who will say it’s their condition or poverty that is the cause of their depression, start to make an intentional effort to discover your true self, your skill, and put them to work.

Nobody was created to be poor or to be useless, there is greatness within every single person. Those that make it are those that find the right way and principle and follow them.

Those that invest in knowledge and take action.

So, you can do it too, you can be the difference. Don’t give up on life or on yourself yet.

Take out your depression and focus on your strength and soon you will experience a massive transformation in your life.


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