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Open The Package On Time


“Don’t use the first impression to judge the journey. It’s always impressive”.

Everyone seems nicer at the first time.

The most important part of the journey is what you believe at the beginning. You may not going to know if you were right or wrong so easily until you have spent so much in the relationship.

Obviously, all the girls I have met in my life first claimed to be great christian girls until the journey kept unfolding and the realities of who everyone is proved itself. Some of them were actually great woken whereas I was shocked about others.

Yes, don’t expect people to prove they are not the right people at the first time.

A lot of people have something they wouldn’t want everyone else to see about them.

Why do you think Christians still divorce? Just when the truth start coming to the sunlight.

Always give yourself the Privilege of knowing some things by yourself. Don’t be told about everything because most times, people are far from everything they say they are.


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