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6 Visible Signs She Is Into You


Telling that a girl likes you can be hard and tricky sometimes. Women don’t like to appear as though they are the ones making the first move, so they hide their gestures in subtle moves and signs and flash it when you may not necessarily be looking. Besides, not all gestures says she likes you, she could just be acting friendly, polite or simply happy. How then do you tell if she likes you or just being nice? These 6 signs will help.

  1. Asking A Lot Of Questions: Women can be very curious when they start liking you. They want to know more about you and your personality. When she begins to ask personal questions, she feels it’s a way to connect more to you and create some level of bonding while creating avenues for the next phase.
  2. You have her Undivided Attention: This sign may not be visible or noticeable to you but visibly clear to a third party observing you both. You are having a conversation with her but she can’t take her eyes of you, staring directly to your face with her gaze fixed to your eyes. Though this could also mean the conversation is engaging.
  3. She finds you Funny: Women are more drawn to men who can make them laugh. They desire men with a good sense of humour. However, sometimes it’s not about the jokes or sarcasm, but the person it is coming from. If a woman has feeling for you, she will find you funny and laugh at every joke you make. So if she cracks up at every little effort you make to make her laugh, it could be a sign she likes you.
  4. Her Open Body Language: This could also mean she is just being friendly but at the same time it could also be an inviting sign. When she crosses her arms over and leans towards you while in the groove of the conversation, that could be her letting you know she is drawn to you.
  5. She Remembers The Little Things: If she remembers your interests, likes and dislikes from the conversations you have had with her and then acts on them accordingly, then it means she has been thinking about you and has taken time to remember the conversations you had and the “take aways” in them. Start your engines because you are about taking off on something amazing.
  6. She Teases You: Teasing is not only exclusive to peeps in primary and secondary school, adults in love also tease to get attention and create chances for intimate conversations. When she uses terms like “big head”, “Ode”, “Mumu”, “Big eyes” etc that is her own way of replacing a term of endearment with a name that is a little less revealing. If she chooses to always pick on you, then it could be her own way of telling you she likes you and wants your attention at every given chance.

There you have it. Though a woman showing any of the above signs, may not necessarily mean she is into you as she could just be acting friendly and nice. However showing these signs, especially a combination of them is a strong indication she has feelings for you.


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