Some guys think the fact that they can pay bride price, means they are ready for marriage, this is a big lie. Some believe that as far as they have their house, car and job, they are ready for marriage, which is another big lie. Marriage goes beyond all that.

Marriage is a ministry and you need the Grace of God to succeed. You don’t go into marriage based on how much you have in your bank account or the house and the cars you have. Your marriage is supposed to be a place that heals your spouse and not one that inflicts more pain or sends them to the past. It is supposed to be the arms that mend and not the one that damages.

The fact that you can pay for something does not mean you can afford it. Affording comes with maintenance and responsibilities. You can pay for bride price but the real question is, can you afford to keep your woman in love with you till the end of time?

You have a big and nice house, can you and your spouse live in that house in peace and continue to love each other until the end of time? It is not about having the latest or most expensive car, it’s about riding happily and laughing together as you journey.

Marriage is not about impregnating her, but being a good example to the child you bring into this world, by first respecting the woman you call your wife, loving and caring for her, cherishing and appreciating her before buying diapers and wipes.

Young woman, marriage is not about how beautiful you are or how good you are in bed, but how you talk to your man, respect him, make him feel like a king, how you turn that house into a palace for him, how you praise and honour him.

The most handsome crown a man wants to wear is the woman who respects him and knows how to talk to him, who makes time to pray for him, who encourages him.

The most beautiful clothes that can dress up a wife are the arms of the husband she loves, which make her feel like a queen. Arms to which she is the sole proprietor, arms that are comforting, assuring and forgiving. Yet are strong, protect her and won’t leave her.

Young man, dating her does not end when you get married to her. You start losing her when you stop doing that in the marriage. You never stop dating your wife, you make time and take her out occasionally, make time to walk and talk with her. Let her always look forward to seeing you. Don’t replace that time with job or friends because you are married to her and she is your wife. Wife goes beyond the home.

Young woman, flirting does not stop when you are married to him else you are teaching him to look for that in a single woman elsewhere. You can’t keep a mistress and girlfriend in your marriage. Marriage is very honourable. You are the mistress, the girlfriend and same as a wife. You flirt with your husband.

Marriage goes beyond what you see, you never stop what he saw in you which made him pursue you, you don’t stop what you did for her to fall for you. You need the grace of God and His wisdom to keep your marriage. So never stop seeking Him when you are married. Marriage is work, the more you work, the more enjoyable it becomes.

In conclusion “And look out for one another’s interests, not just for your own” – Philippians 2:4 (GNT).


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