A broken heart is an illness and if you have not experienced one before, you will joke with it, but if you have you will be careful when it comes to falling in love or getting into a serious relationship. The hurt feels like a broken rib yet your ribs are not damaged, you don’t see a cut or blood or how damaged the place is yet every breath hurts so much.

It hurts to breathe because every breath you take tells you, you can’t live or continue life without your partner. The pain becomes unbearable for some people, they just want to die and end it all. An Experience which has negatively impacted people for life.

The sad reality is that we love people when they make us feel special and we hate people when they hurt us. But when the person who once made you feel special is the same person who has hurt you, you don’t know whether to hate or love them.

It is so strange how your own body is divided against the person, your mind and your heart are in a constant battle over the person. Your mind tells you the person is not right for you yet your heart tells you, the person was the best thing that happened to you. Your mind tells you the person is not worth anything in your life now so forget about them and move on, yet your heart says they are worth everything and you cannot let go.

Deep down your heart, you don’t feel them as close as you used to, your heart tells you it’s over but the thought of them being with someone else, coupled with the memories you shared being played back by the mind, makes it hurt you the more.

The part that hurts you the most is, knowing you once knew them as your partner, and can recollect all the things you did which made you feel they were meant to stay, and then you realize you lost them. You end up blaming yourself for pushing them away either intentionally or by mistake.

There are times or days you convince yourself it’s over between you because they have been away for too long and you don’t feel their physical presence, but when your phone rings, you wish he or she is the one calling or texting. You end up missing them the more.

It gets crazy when you hate what you are going through and you end up losing all the motivation or reasons to fall in love again or go into a relationship again. The passion to love just goes away like an engine gone dead.

Each passing day tells you they won’t come back; it might take your heart a long time or life long to accept this. It might take the help other professionals, friends or relatives to see things clearly, it might take them to help you listen to your own mind just to save your heart from the pains.

I won’t wish any enemy of mine to experience such an epic scenario, not to talk of my beloved fans, followers, readers, friends and family. This is why you need to get into the right relationship, and you can do that better with the right knowledge. Talk to me today if you are going through a broken heart, you need help to come out. For those who are afraid of such an experience and want the right relationship, let me help you get connected to the right person. I do this through counselling, coaching, science, data and the knowledge of God.


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