Some ladies find it hard to get married due to some reasons.

Some ladies have money, and because of the money they have, they feel too proud to talk to any guy that is not their Standard.

Some ladies are very dirty inside but not outside.

In this article I would be listing out the causes of late marriage, and advising the young ladies on what they must know.

Below are the causes and advise to young ladies on late marriage.

  1. Being dirty has a lady:
    Some ladies are dirty, that is why when you see a guy with them today, you don’t see them tomorrow because to them they smell.

Some ladies they find it hard to wash there underwears.

They don’t know when you don’t wash your underwears and you continue wearing it.

It will get to a time it will smell out and no guys would want to associate with a girl that smells

My advice to ladies, make sure you are always neat.

Take care of your ampit well, when it grows shave it.

When you shave you won’t have bad odour.

Learn to keep the underwear you wear neat, to avoid smiling.

Learn to brush your teeth well to avoid mouth odour.

If you take all this into practice, guys would like to come closer to you because you are neat.

  1. Bad character:
    Some ladies are fond of having bad character to a guy.

This bad character is what will chase the guy away.

Some ladies are fond of nagging, which some guys hate in their life.

Some ladies are fond of insulting their guy, which some guys hate in their life.

Some ladies are mannerless, which some guys hate in their life.

My advice to you ladies, try to have a good character.

A girl with good character attract guys to them.

Learn how to stop nagging and start listening.

Learn how to have manners.

Learn how to stop insulting.

If a girl should stop her bad character guys would come for her.

  1. Playing too hard to get:
    Some girls always end up making the real man give up on them, when they play too hard to get.

Remember not all guys are patient enough.

To you playing too hard to get is for you to get the right person.

When you tend to over do it, you will end up pushing away Mr Right.

My advice to ladies is to let the guy know you need to know more about him.

It is better that way.

It is better to let the guy know you need to think about it, because if you don’t and you are playing hard to get he will go for another girl.

  1. Not always smiling, and also not friendly to guys that come your way:

Some girls don’t like smiling they are always too serious with everything.

Some girls are not friendly they are always full of themselves.

These are the things that would prevent a guy from approaching you.

*My advice to girls, always smile. Your smile alone can draw the attention of a guy.

*Always be free to people.
I don’t mean you should be too free that guys would take you for granted.
Just be friendly with everyone, a guy sees this type of girl has a humble girl.

  1. Fail to pray for direction from God:
    Some ladies are too carry away in a haste to get married, and they forget to pray to God for direction.

Remember no matter how desperate you are getting married, let God be the first you consult.

It is better to be late in getting married having peace of mind than getting married on time and you won’t have peace of mind.

Remember God first over every other thing .

  1. Getting married to a particular quality of a guy: Some ladies are just after a tall, slim, fair and cute guy, in search of this type of guy they end up not getting married on time.

Advice to ladies all this does not matter, what matter is does loves you.

Height, weight, skin color does not matter what matter is your guy character.

  1. Fail to attend weddings:
    Some girls find it out to attend weddings, they see as though they are been mock.

Always attend weddings and social gathering because you don’t know where your dream man may be.

If some ladies can take note of the high rate of unmarried ladies would reduce.


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