One of the reasons why love search should be a scary adventure for you is because we are surrounded by snakes that no long hiss or announce their presence. They come in the nicest ways. They present themselves as beautiful and sweet. They call you Babe, Angel, Sweetie, hiding the tongue and teethe. True love these days is so rare because we are falling in love with what and who people pretend to be, not who or what they really are.

We are falling for impression and not original. You will be amazed to know that just after a few months, those they were calling angel are now called slut. People change so fast, so their love never lasts, Leaving scars of hurt, pains, betrayal and bitterness in the hearts of people. And every pain we go through as a result of a relationship gives us lessons which have the power to change us forever.

Some of these changes are not good ones. We tend to ignore or take good people for grant due to our past experience with bad people. In life, if you want people to enjoy with you, its not difficult; when you want people to use you, its easy; but when you give more than people deserve, it causes you so much pain. People like you when everything is good for you, when you are rich, when you are beautiful.

But it is not the same when things are bad for you. You will be surprised to know that so many people can help you mess up, can help you get damaged, can help you become nothing, can help you come down. But it is hard to find someone to build you up, help you pick the pieces, to stand with you, to start over, to believe in you when you have nothing to show. Just like what happens before and after sex.

They help you get naked, but after sex, you only dress up yourself. Nobody wants damaged goods, even if they are the ones who damaged it in the first place. As a beautiful virgin, you could find a man who is so crazy about you because you are virgin, but once he realized you have been de-virgin by someone else, that’s the end of such relationship.

Young men and women dating to get married, please don’t fall for words or promises; don’t get married to anyone based on the pictures you form in your mind about them. That is what screws us up the most in life. Instead, take time to learn about them and make your decision based on your findings. That exercise goes beyond the physical, you pray about it.

Marry a doer, a goal getter. Marry someone who does than talking. Ask God for the right person as you give your life to HIM to make you the right person. You should always remember God had a purpose for your life before you ever had a plan for yourself. Maybe your plan could be to get married before 30yrs, but that has not come to pass.

One thing you need to know is that sometimes your plans have to fail, so God’s purpose can prevail. In conclusion “But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners” – Romans 5:8 (TLB).


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