Dear friends have you asked your self why so many beautiful money featured weddings you see on social media & outside social media crash in not less than few months after the wedding despite so much money that was spent. So what comes to your mind when such happens? Do you think or feel that after the big celebration, merriment, the vows & so much spending so far they just woke up one morning & choose to go their separate ways?

The answer is capital NO. The fact remains that there is no smoke without fire! Most marriages failed because of one thing or the other which is lack of ignorance, lack of patience, Verbal & physical abuse, etc.
Let’s look into major reasons why most marriages we admire on social media & outside social media crash unexpectedly.

1)LACK OF MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING: in a marriage where there is no mutual understanding btwn couples in the sense that when the man is saying A the woman is already saying W, when the woman is going up the man is going down. What do I really mean? When the couple are not having one goal, when the couple are not working towards achieving one aim, when the couple fails to understand each other, accept each other’s flaws, in a marriage where couple fails to see the good side of the other partner to appreciate rather you keep seeing his mistakes, you keep seeing his weakness, to the extent you don’t see anything good about him/her to the extent you can only see his/ her flaws to lament on but you don’t see his good deeds to appreciate.

In a marriage where you are allergic to your partners happiness, in a marriage where the only time you appreciate your selves is when you receive gifts from each other. Such marriage can never produce a good result so take note. a broken relationship is better than a broken home marry someone you can understand better, marry someone who will understand you as well. Don’t marry a stranger before going into that Marriage Don’t just pray alone, take your time to study his/her character to avoid this is not the man/woman I married.

2) IGNORANCE OF WHAT MARRIAGE IS ALL ABOUT: many people go into marriage with the hope of thinking that marriage is full of enjoyment & merriment. They go into marriage with the mindset of it being filled with sugar & honey, yes! Every marriage is expected to be sweet & enjoyable. But don’t forget that there will be a period of time when what you never expected will begin to occur in that marriage, you don’t expect the marriage to be sweet all through because a Time will come when some stumbling blocks will begin to occur as a hindrance to your happiness in that marriage at that period of a time is when you are expected to activate your wisdom & patience because it is temporary, So don’t give up because so many things that will make you want to give up will occur at this period of time is where your wisdom & patience is tested & proved.

3) MARRIAGE THAT IS BASED ON CONDITION: a marriage that is based on condition has just a limited time to end. When you go into marriage for one reason or the other, have it in mind that you will have a reason to go out of the marriage sooner or later. But before going into that marriage that is based on condition why not sit your self down, ask your self some questions & answer your self! Before you marry out of pity, money, contract marriage, material things & others pls kindly put ur happiness in consideration OK. Because the end is always bitter & painful because your life will forever be at risk so be careful.

4) LACK OF PATIENCE: there is a period of time In every marriage when everything in & outside the marriage turns soar, everything that use to be upright turns upside down, there will be a time when it will seem as if everything & everyone around you is against you including your partner that’s the exact time you are expected to put your patience at work, that’s the exact time you are expected to make your marriage work by putting the required efforts & preventing it from collapsing. this is the time you are expected to be strong, to overcome. So when That time comes pls don’t run out of Patience & don’t forget to always ask God for the grace you needed to sustain you althrough.

5) LACK OF TOLERANCE: so many couples are no longer together due to not being able to tolerate & accommodate each other’s flaws, one thing that u should never fail to understand is this! There is no perfect man or woman anywhere, have it in mind that you have your own flaws as well. So is high time you stop expecting your partner to be the angel that you are not, stop counting & recording your partners weakness rather use that time to appreciate his good deeds so far. The day you start tolerating, appreciating & correcting your partner with love & affection that’s the day you will stop seeing him as the worst being on earth.like I said earlier there’s no perfect man or woman anywhere! Appreciate & love your partner that’s the only way you can expirence & know the sweetness of marriage that’s if you really want your marriage to work out for good.

6) ANGER MANAGEMENT: how do you manage your anger when you are being provoked? Are you the type that destroy things when you are being provoked, do you say all manner of hurtful words to your partner & come back later to apologize? Have you think of the pains you have inflicted on your partner at that moment with your mouth, how sure are you that those hurtful words won’t keep ringing in his mind & brain, are you sure those hurtful words won’t make him/her to weep bitterly & regret ever being married to you when she is in her closet, are you sure that those hurtful words will not make his/her love towards you to depreciate? So be careful, manage your anger well, it is very important that’s if you want your marriage to last.

7) DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: many beautiful marriages has been crashed & trashed because of domestic violence. Domestic violence has took uncountable souls to early grave, domestic violence has shattered many homes. Listen very well no matter the level of your partners offence you don’t have any single right to lay hand on him/her women are not excluded on this, yes! Some women beat men in their marriage. You don’t have right to dare such for you to dare such that proves how irresponsible & unreasonable you can be. You daring such you are only inviting devil into your home, you daring such you are only endangering your life. how comfortable do you usually feel? Like after beating or fighting with your partner you will still sleep comfortably in the same house with her! Are you for real? So you never thought of what if you sleep & he/she come & strangle you to death? Haba! You are taking a very big risk oh! marriage is a life time journey, marriage is an institution without graduation or would you want to spend the rest of your life in pains & agony? Pls don’t fall victim, may God bless you with a partner who will cherish, value & appreciate you all the rest of your life.


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