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Every one should have at least 5k. It will save you from so much embracement. You can’t be said to be broke if you have 5k. It will go a long way to meet many of your needs.

1K- KNOWLEDGE : The 1K you should have is knowledge. If you have right knowledge, money will come to you. Have knowledge about God. He is the one who gives power to get wealth (Deut 8:18). Have knowledge about the needs around you and see how you can meet those needs, then see how financial blessings will follow. Have knowledge about your Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities around you, and what are those things that are like Threats (SWOT) to you and see how you can navigate your way around them and climb the ladder of success.

2K- KINDNESS: If you are rich in kindness, you are rich indeed and if you are poor in kindness , you are poor indeed. Have kindness and spread it everywhere you go. Don’t be selective in your kindness. Many people are only kind to people they feel they know and can pay them back. This same ‘kind’ people maltreat their gatemen, cooks, housemaids , drivers, security men. If you are mean to this set of people,you are not really kind! Be kind to everyone. The 2K you should always have is KINDNESS.

3K- KNEELING KNEES: Do you have kneeling knees? I am not talking of kneeling knees to beg. I am talking of kneeling knees to pray. Those who can pray are rich! At the place of prayers, we draw power, we draw down divine strength, we tap into heavenly resources that money cannot buy. If you can kneel before God, you can stand before anybody. In the place of prayer, ideas that can turn your life around financially can drop into your hearts. Don’t joke with prayer. The distance between you and your miracle might just be the distance between your knees and the floor. Pray and prevail! Pray so you won’t become a prey.

4K- KICK STARTING SPIRIT: If you can only ‘kick-talk’ and you cannot kick start things you set your mind to do, you will end in poverty and penury. You must have the kick- starting spirit. We have so many talkers, but few doers. Some can use mouth to draw big pictures of their goals, but they won’t do anything about it from January till December. Your life is like a car, if you don’t kick start it, it goes no where! Kick start that vision! Don’t wait until you have alll the resources. Just a step of obedience will bring in more provisions you need. Kick start!!!

5K- KINGSHIP MENTALITY: Kings are not poor. They enjoy royalty. If you see yourself as a king/Queen, you cannot be poor. Poverty of the mind is the worst kind of poverty. How do you see yourself? As a slave? A victim? A mistake? Stop seeing yourself like that. Touch your head. Can’t you feel the crown of honour on your head placed there by the KING of kings Himself. (Psalms 8:4-5). I stand before the mirror daily and I say to the person l see in the mirror ‘You are a king’ I walk like a king, dress like a king, walk like a king, reason like a king because I am one!

You can’t go about with this 5K and remain poor. Lailai! These are keys to all round prosperity.
Have this 5K with you all the time and see how prosperity will hug you tightly.
Thanks for reading.


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