Guys; you don’t need to fight any woman, force her or even beg her to be decent and responsible. The truth is that, you are only going to waste your precious time. Women only change when they discover who they are, when they discover their purpose and when they discover that there is more to life than sex and material things. Although, only few women are always fortunate enough to discover their purpose and value early, some don’t even do, in their entire life. So, why not teach her how to discover her worth, or walk away as a gentle man, because, love is not enough when a lady is not ready.

Ladies; Believe me, there is more to life than sex and materials things. If you are still a slave to any of the two things I just mention above, then you have not discovered your purpose in life. Some are comfortable with their financial status, but are being “fools” all in the name of feelings. Some deemed it fit to betray their worth, take shits and succumb to humiliating treatments, all in the name to get money and material things from men who do not worth them in all angles of life.

Please, I want you to sit today and ask yourself what are your achievements over the years, and I’m certain that they will not be more than cloths, fancy phones, designer bags, shoes, and highest, a car! And if you could be sincere to yourself, remember all you have passed through, having to pretend that you love someone, allowing them to use your body, your precious body, all in exchange of money and material things.

At the end, its that innocent gentle man that will still come along and make you a wife, and you will be certain that considering and evaluating your past, you rarely do not worth his love. At the end, all that which you desired, that makes you to subject your precious body to use, rough handling and probably s*x will be useless. Then, you will sit down and count the people whom has used you like a taxi and you will just pity your life.

Believe me, it doesn’t worth it. Forget what your friends are wearing, forget the phones that they are using, because year after year, better things are invented, and you know the good news? It doesn’t matter if you have yesterday or not, because, when you arrived tomorrow, you will be proud of yourself. You could stand in midst of millions and be certain that your nakedness is a mystery to all of them.

You will forget all you passed through within seconds and all the men that you turned down, even with their money, when you need it most, will testify, not just on earth, even hereafter, that you deserve your class, both on earth and in heaven. Learn to be contented today, for all we have is vanity upon vanity. Today is not the end of the world, so, don’t let what you are passing through define your worth or overall whom you are not. May God strengthen us


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