Credibility makes leadership possible. It is the key factor in the rise and fall of families, organisations and nations. Without credibility leadership journey is difficult. Great leaders intentionally and strategically build and maintain leadership credibility consistently over time and they refuse to trade it off for anything. Any time credibility is lost, leadership is forfeited.
It is the synthesis of two great laws in the school of leadership that birthed credibility. These are the law of solid ground and the law of buy in.

The law of solid ground states that, “Trust is the foundation of leadership.” Effective leadership is built on trust and it must not be violated. The second law is the law of buy in which states that, “People buy into the leader, then the vision.” If a leader has not built credibility with people, leading the people would be overly difficult no matter how great is his vision. Your person determines the following.

Credibility refers to the psychological and social state of trust that exists between the leader and the followers due to consistency between the leader’s word and deed. Your personal credibility has to do with how much the people like you, trust you, and believe in what you say. The rule of credibility is that; “Everything counts! Everything helps or hurts. Everything you do or say add up or takes away from your credibility. Nothing is overlooked or ignored.” Credibility is not genetic; it is acquired daily, not in a day. Credibility gap refers to what a person promised and what really happens. The question is how trustworthy would people say you are?

Let’s discuss the building blocks of leadership credibility;
♧ APPEARANCE: Credibility can be harmed or helped to a surprising degree by how you look. People are 95% visual in their thinking about you. It takes only four seconds to make the first impression. Dress for success! Avoid dressing that sabotage your potential. Remember that it is your dressing that determines how people address you. It is your fashion that determines your friends.

♧ CHARACTER: People will forgive occasional mistakes based on ability, especially if they can see that you are still growing as a leader. And they will give you time to connect. But they won’t trust someone who has slips in character. As a leader, trust is your most greatest asset. Character and leadership always go hand in hand. Develop a reputation for honesty and dependability. Character does not come by impartation, it comes by development and it’s done over time not over night. A person’s character communicates consistency, it communicates respect.
The stronger your character, the greater your credibility. Have a consistent character, it affects everything you do.

♧ COMMUNICATION: Fully 85 percent of your success as a leader will be determined by your ability to communicate effectively with others. The quality of your communication, determines the quality of your life and the quality of your relationships of all kinds. The good news is communication is a skill that you can learn with practice. Effective communication enhances your leadership credibility.

♧ CONNECTION: Leadership is a function that no one person can carry out alone. It is a team sport and no one have everything it takes to do the job. Life is not meant to be a solo journey neither are we meant to navigate leadership on our own. We advance the kingdom of God together with other people. Healthy, effective leaders learn how to connect with key people who keep them sharp on track, focused and in good shape. Connecting with the people offers a leader a strategic platform to satisfy people’s three major emotional needs: dependence, independence and interdependence. The rule is: Until you connect with their hearts, don’t ask for their hand.

♧ COMPETENCE: A competent leader will earn credibility with the people. His ability to perform leadership function effectively will endear him to people. When a leader grows, it shows and the leadership effectiveness will also increase tremendously. A stagnated leader is a big risk to the followers. Competence is acquired over time, not overnight through learning and practice.

♧ COMMITMENT: This simply refers to practical investment of your time, energy and resources in the pursuit of the choice you have made. Deadly commitment qualifies you for different appointments. When commitment to leadership is absent, disappointment is inevitable. A committed leader would certainly become a source of inspiration to others, thereby earning credibility with ease.

♧ COMPANY: You cannot keep company with irresponsible people and earn credibility with great people. Keeping company with notoriously irresponsible person(s) is a pointer to the fact that you are not as responsible as you claim to be. Friendship should not be a common genealogy but on purpose.

♧ CONTRIBUTION: Don’t just exist in a place, make contributions. The greatest act of service is to deliver to us what you came with.

Leadership has little or nothing to do with position. Leadership affects all aspects of life even the home front.


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