Some people are so careless with their words, and these are the people whose words stink like decomposing human flesh. Even human waste or sewage smells better than their words. Yet they are so mean and don’t care about pouring this on others just to feel good. They end up destroying their fellow human just with their words. Their words have the power to shatter your mind, break your heart, and destroy your self-esteem and confidence. Their words have the power to make you feel worthless.

No matter how dirty you want to go down with them, they will beat you because they have the smell, you don’t. These are adults and correcting them is like starting a war. If you ever meet such a person, please remember you can’t repair a broken adult, so don’t waste your energy.

Distance yourself from such a person, for life is too short to spend it with people who make you feel worthless. On no account should you dwell on their words. Your soul doesn’t need poison to survive, so for your own good ignore them. That is what they need.

Many are feeling bitter today due to the ugly encounter with such people, these people who know nothing about you. They are sick and have their own infections. The closer the more dangerous.

Again, they are not your god. God knows you better than they do and what God says about you should be more important to you than those negative words.

Develop a positive attitude today. Keep focused on what you are called to do. Some of these people just envy you or hate what you do, so they come in packages as critics, to look only for the mistakes, difficulties and challenges you go through, and use that as a weapon to bring you down. You’ve got to close your ears and eyes to such people. The only person they know better is themselves, and for that matter they are only describing themselves to you through their actions and words; it has got nothing to do with you.

Choose to be happy every day. Let no one impose their beliefs on you. With a positive mindset, you can do anything better than what negative people think. In this world, you have the opportunity to be anything but there is nothing better than being kind.

Stop dancing to the tune of these people. Let them judge you if that is what makes them happy; let them misunderstand you, if that is what gives them wisdom; let them gossip about you, if that is what pays them; but in all these, never make their opinion your problem.

No matter what people say about you or do, be committed to yourself, love yourself. Keep believing in yourself, keep smiling, and keep shining for God.

In conclusion “Dear young friends, you belong to God and have already won your fight with those who are against Christ because there is someone in your hearts who is stronger than any evil teacher in this wicked world” – 1 John 4:4 (TLB).


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