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David fought over 40 battles in his time that when his son, Solomon became a king, there was no more war for him to fight.

King David even made provisions for the building of the temple God gave Solomon as a task. He didn’t just left the task to his son.

One thing I believe about leadership is the fact that there could be a man who will lead a nation that after his leaving of office, the coming leader will have no economic and security problems to solve.

The new leader will rather build a new vision and do new things. Fathers build places for their sons to do new things than fixing problems from them. When a new leader is trying to fix the problems caused by a past leader, the nation will never be built.

As a man, what are you planning to end that when your children are grown, they won’t have them knock on their doors to hurt them?”.

The responsibility of a true father and leader is to leave what will become a blessing and not a battle.

David ended every struggle Solomon would have experienced that in his time, wealth and peace were so common like the sun of the day.

A father, leader is a leverage for the generations ahead.


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