People have so many misconceptions about marriage. Another one is… The woman alone should be the one doing the cooking, house chores and taking care of the kids

Says who? — God, the Bible, men, women, tradition or culture?

Some men believe the kitchen belongs to the woman. They say the kitchen is her office in the home So it’s her sole responsibility to do all the cooking, washing and cleaning. This is a very wrong believe.

Everything in marriage, especially domestic responsibilities, belongs to both the man and woman. They are supposed to work together as team, not only financially, but also in carrying out all domestic responsibilities and house chores.

The man and woman are meant to help one another and work as a team. Each one should play supporting roles actively and joyfully at all times.

Cooking is fun and stressful too. Men who cook for the family, even if it’s not all the time, are very appropriative of their wife’s efforts in the kitchen because they know what it takes to prepare a good meal for the whole family. Men who are not appreciative of their women’s food are those who don’t assist in the kitchen or who don’t cook at all.

Just like eating is not designed for men alone. Likewise, cooking is not meant for women alone. Every man who can eat should be able to cook as well.

Another thing some men are getting wrong is believing the caring for kids is meant for the woman alone. This mentality has created bonding gaps between children and their father from childhood and do manifest more as they grow up. If fathers can also get actively involved in caring for their kids right from cradle they would experience great bonding with their kids too.

Bathing your own child is fun. Changing smelling diapers makes you connect with your child more. Dressing your kids every morning before going to work help relieve the woman of much stress and it also makes your child know and love you more.

I know there are husbands who are also great cooks. Who always assist their wives in the kitchen and sometimes do the cooking alone. Bravo! You are real men.

I know there are fathers who are fully involved in taking care of their kids. Men, you are heroes!

This wrong misconception that a woman alone should be the one doing the cooking, clean the house, wash dishes, do the laundry and at the same take care of the children have been passed from one generation of men to other generations because most men never saw their father in the kitchen, either doing the cooking or helping their mother. They grew up in families where their mother does everything. So they believe that is the right thing and that is how the family is run.

But if we can start showing our children, especially the male child by example, that cooking, doing of house chores and taking care of kids is are mutual responsibilities for the father and mother to equally shoulder. When they get married, they will practice same too in their own marriages, because their mentality have been programmed currently by what they’ve seen their father do while growing up.

A girl child who while growing up have always seeing are father doing almost everything her mother does, would expect her own husband when she marry to be doing the same with her. Because she believes that’s a normal thing a man should doing at home.

But a lot of problems will arise if she marries a man who never saw his own father do anything at home while growing up. This is one of the reasons why so many marriages are not working. Different upbringing and background orientations are faulty, and the effects are showing in our marriages and society today —let’s correct this! Let’s help the up coming generations have good and better marriages by correcting our misconceptions about marriage before they become matured for marriage.


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