1) Don’t allow your friends to invade your home anytime, don’t allow your friends to be coming home uninvited. Your home is also your spouse’s space, protect it.

2) Both of you should choose the house you live in, the neighborhood and the type of house. Choosing together makes you two feel like you own the home

3) Husbands, do not be the one who interacts closely with the house help or gives the househelp instructions. Let your wife be fully in charge of that so that she can feel you honour her. When you give conflicting instructions or you become the househelp’s defender when your wife is unhappy with the househelp, the househelp can easily disrepect your wife or even pit you two against each other

4) Wives, do not talk rudely to your husband in front of the children, the househelp or visitors. Nothing makes a man feel worthless at home like this

5) Do not let your parents or relatives come home to visit, especially to sleep over without talking about it with your spouse. You want your spouse to be a good host so don’t surprise him/her. These surprise visits are the ones that can ruin in-law relations

6) Decide together on a family tradition that you can be following, such as eating dinner together, watching movies as a family on Sundays, praying together each night as a family. These traditions keep the home warm

7) Whoever is paying rent or bought the house should not tell the other, “Do not do that in my house”, “Get out of my house”. These statements bring disunity. The home belongs to the both of you

8) Husbands, don’t get over friendly with the househelp, maintain a professional boundary; lest you end up having an affair with the househelp or your wife suspects you of having one

9) When your parents visit, don’t allow them to over rule your spouse and dictate how your home should be run, how food must be cooked, how utensils must be kept. You two left your mother and father to build your own home. Your parents can suggest and it is up to you two to accept or reject the suggestions

10) Do not make it a habit of bringing in someone of the opposite gender to the house when your spouse is not around. Nothing hurts like your spouse suspecting you are cheating in your matrimonial home

11) Do not let the phone ruin the quality of home you have. Have phone rules as a family such as, no phones at the dinner table, no using the phone after a certain time so that you can concentrate on giving family quality time. Lest yours will not be a home but a physical structure where phone users sleep

You will not fail in marriage in Jesus name.


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