People misunderstand a WEDDING CEREMONY FOR MARRIAGE Itself. While you can argue that a wedding ceremony being ostentatious is not an achievement or unnecessary etc

We can also argue that MARRIAGE in itself, that is being married to a person, is NOT AN ACHIEVEMENT. However, I do not think it makes sense to argue that a GOOD MARRIAGE IS NOT AN ACHIEVEMENT.

A GOOD MARRIAGE IS SURELY AN ACHIEVEMENT! A good marriage means work!! It means raising kids! It means modeling love, patience, and endurance to the world.

Our world is destroyed because of how hard it is to raise a GOOD HOME. People buckle under pressure! People can’t keep up with the sexual pressure of our world. They commit adultery.

They can’t keep up with the patience needed in marriage. The financial demand. The demand for love, for emotional stability! We are all a reflection of our homes!

The society is a reflection of our family values! How then can someone assume such emotional, spiritual and economic work that has been done to produce a good marriage IS NOT AN ACHIEVEMENT!

I find it annoying and disturbing. In a world where we celebrate people to winning Grammies, BETs, best footballer, etc

Things that actually have no REAL VALUE on the human soul, we then condescend and talk low on good marriages when in fact good marriages are so scarce, our world is in chaos because of this scarcity!

I am a married man, marriage is WORK! I do not hang around people who despise the work and discipline that produces a good marriage.

Marriage is so honorable, the Bible uses it to describe the relationship between Christ and the Church. In the beginning, God created MARRIAGE!

Marriage is as much God’s creation as the sun and the stars! Marriage is as much God’s creation as MAN HIMSELF!!

How dare you sound woke and despise the work we do on marriage? You despise that work and then you celebrate a Ph.D. or degree. The question is do Ph.D. and degrees breed love, care, proper nurturing in our world that marriage does?!

We really need to redefine our values, its okay to undervalue opulent weddings, etc but NEVER SPEAK LOW OF GOOD MARRIAGES, our world needs so many Good marriages, we are all choking morally, emotionally, emotionally for the lack of Good marriages!

When I meet couples who have been married for decades, raised kids who are now happily married, bro, I now in the presence of greatness! That stuff is not a joke. A good Marriage is an achievement for me, it will always be!


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