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Whatever that means!

What I know is, marry someone attractive to you. I have always said this and will keep shouting it on the roof top! Marry someone you are attracted to, biko!

One guy told me he likes busty women, pray to God to give you a busty woman or you will lust after them if by mistake you marry a small breasted woman!

Everyone knows what they like in the opposite sex!

Very light complexioned men are handsome, I’m never attracted to them. I don’t find them comely for marriage! That is me ooo!!! Puuuleeeeaaaaze!!! You are good looking and great and there is a woman will fall in love with you.

I am not attracted to muscles! 6 pack something is not my thing! Every single guy that ever showed interest in me were never on the large size. They are either tall and slim or on the average but not large or muscular!
So when hubby showed up tall and slim, you get it? I am still admiring that guy till tomorrow. He has a new pet name. He is my fine boy for life!!!

Marry your spec!

Character, temperaments, values, beliefs matter a lot.

Their thinking pattern matters.

Verbal expression -important.

My hubby has always been intelligent. I can never cope with a man who lacks simple wisdom, basic intelligence and common sense! When my man opens his mouth, dear Lord God! Intelligent men exist but I have never met anyone as intelligent as my husband -none!

That guy’s intelligence alone turns me on!!

Till forever, no man catches my attention like my husband. No man is as handsome as he is. No man is as intelligent TO ME as he is. No man is more attractive than him. He is my match. My spec!

Now, listen! To those who hide under God’s will to marry someone they hate, you didn’t hear God. God will not give you someone disgusting to you.

The person He gives you won’t be perfect. They may not look like your spec but have the potential to be your spec whom you will love and admire for life!

With a little encouragement and brush up, you will see them glow with pride, become transformed before your very eyes and look super stunning in few years time.

Someone may be God’s will and not look perfect but you must accept, admire, appreciate, respect, honor, celebrate and love them and be ready to work on them till they become your spec!

Some things won’t change though. Like big breasts reducing to smaller size or being thin turning to fat. In that case, you need your two eyes and brain to do some simple mathematical calculation!

Marry your spec!

Your spec is in God’s will.

You get it?

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