Some ladies are gullible because they get carried away with sweet talks by the so-called lover. Here are some of the reasons why a lady is taken to bed cheaply defiled by a sugar-coated mouth lover:

1) We are getting married soon syndrome: A guy will put pressure on a lady with the talk and false hope of getting married soon. Don’t fall cheaply; let him wait.

2) If you love me, show it: Sex before marriage is fornication, not a show of genuine love. True love waits, and it does not disobey God. It does not hurt/harm the other party

3) Other ladies want me. You better keep me with your body. The moment a guy senses desperation in a lady, he uses it against her to take advantage of her. Only God can keep you both in the relationship.

4) Every lady is doing it to keep her man: If everyone is doing it, dare to be different and stand for righteousness. Don’t lose out eventually

5) We need to test our sexual compatibility: Another lie oh! It’s not about testing, it’s about waiting till the right time when you get married and obey God.

6) Sex is my weakness; you need to help me: You are not the doctor for his ailment. Your body is not the medicine. If he tells you this, he needs help, deliverance and therapy.

7) Having sex with you will make me stop porn: Porn addiction is big enough not to talk of pre-marital sex. He needs help, prayers and therapy to come off it. Don’t be deceived.

8) I can’t marry you if I don’t test you sexually: Let him know that you are not a piece of meat to taste oh! If he loves you, let him wait.

9) I don’t want to lose you; having sex with you is a form of covenant. Hey, girl, don’t try it. He is a sex hunter. Beware.

10) I can’t stand your beauty without touching and having you in bed. He needs self-control. You should dress decently and stop tempting him

11) If I have sex with you, my money also belongs to you. Make God your provider, the guy shouldn’t be your sponsor. He who pays the piper dictates the tune. Work and be content with your financial capacity.

Ladies, God isn’t happy when you disobey His instruction. Pre-marital sex/fornication is a sin to God as His children regardless of your excuses. It’s the law of the Lord.

Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge. Hebrews 13:4 KJV

Moreover, it makes you vulnerable and gives the devil a legal ground in your life. You lose out eventually when the guy goes for a disciplined lady who refuses to fall cheaply.

Don’t listen to God only; reason with Him. It pays off.


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