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Let’s face it, sex is part of a successful marriage. Romance is a daily tonic to a dry, frustrating, boring marriage. Realistically, if you do not love your spouse’ body, you won’t find them sexy. I’ve heard some destructive messages that tell singles that when you meet God’s will, they won’t be physically appealing to you, that’s not true!

Marriage is more than physical appeal. Character and compatibility matter a lot but God won’t be so wicked to team you up with a man/woman whose physique you hate!

Great people who enjoy several years of sweet, blissful, stress-free marriages married people they admire both physically and spiritually.

I love my husband’s body. I had always wanted a tall, slim guy whom I could wrap myself around. It was among the list of qualities I presented to God when I was praying for a future partner. I got exactly what I prayed for.

Renowned success preacher, Pastor Sam Adeyemi said, “I made up my mind to marry a beautiful woman”. He was not ready to commit adultery in marriage, so he got what he desired.

Most men and women of God in the Bible,who enjoyed long term blissful marriages married attractive spouses -from Abraham to Isaac, Jacob to Esther the queen among others.

Marry a man you find handsome; marry a woman you see as beautiful. Beauty is a personal thing. It is in the eye of the beholder. What someone else sees as disgusting may be something that turns you on. It doesn’t take tons of money to look great, it takes cleanliness and creativity. That’s all.

Yes, character is more important. We must all work on our character if we must have a good marriage. Yes, God’s will is most important, we must marry God’s will regardless of how we feel. Yes, a 6 pack body, tall, dark and handsome (TDH), curvy, hour glass and figure 8 shape will fade and are least important when choosing a mate but we must follow the examples of godly men and women in the Bible and marry men and women we find physically appealing as well as godly. This is balance.

Please, do not deceive yourself into picking someone you find disgusting in the name of God’s will. May you not mis-choose!


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