Many relationships are in crises today because one is married to an immature person. Truth be told, many women are marred to boys. Boys who are not ripe for marriage. Boys who need to stay a little longer with their parents. If you have to marry then look for a man-friend and not a boy-friend.

Being mature is not about age or your college degree or earnings. Maturity is about responsibilities. You can be old and still act as a child. You can be old and still not be responsible. Being a man is about responsibility, to be able to cultivate, keep and provide.

Marriage is not a playground and not a thing for boys and girls. If you are a woman and think you are so matured and have all it takes so its okay to get married to a boy, then you are making a terrible mistake. It is far better to have nobody than to have someone who is half there or not there at all.

A man takes responsibility when things go bad and looks for ways and means to resolve the issue; but boys accuse, insult, blame and ask for a break or give up.

Men are interested in equipping and pushing their women to excel so they can take credit for it. For a man, a precious jewel is a great woman walking side by side with him. Boys will discourage the woman in his life from pursuing greatness, thinking she will become better than him and won’t respect or submit to him.

A man is wise with his words, prays for his woman, appreciates her, compliments her and motivates her, but boys are careless with words, make you feel less, dampen your spirit, insult and compare you to other ladies.

Men know how much the woman in their life means to them, and value her over their ego. They are ready to say “I am sorry” and mean their words. A boy doesn’t know the value of the woman in his life and think replacing them is the best option when things go wrong. They value their ego more than the relationship and will not show remorse for their actions. If they have to say sorry, it’s just a show-woman business. Just to please you but they don’t mean it.

Unfaithfulness is not a trait of men, but a behavior of boys who have yet to learn self-discipline. A boy thinks he can play with many women; a man tells himself he is too old for games but is interested in working together in life with only one woman.

A man understands that making his woman happy doesn’t require a lot of effort, just his presence can even serve the purpose. He makes time to be with her, listen to her long talk, take a walk, advice and help when asked. Whilst a boy puts his work and friends above his woman, gives excuses why he can’t be available but finds time to play with girls.

Men understand respect is a two-way street. They show their women respect whilst boys think respect is something they are entitled to and demand for it, even when they don’t give or show same to their woman.

If you are a woman ready for marriage or preparing towards one, bear in mind a boy is not a candidate for marriage. Don’t give in to what you might regret one day. Don’t give your heart to anyone who doesn’t have what it takes to care for it. Don’t marry a boy-friend, rather marry a man who you are friends with.

In conclusion “My child, use common sense and sound judgment! Always keep them in mind. They will help you to live a long and beautiful life” – Proverbs 3:21-22 (CEV).


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