If you are dating now but your partner does not appreciate you or the things you do for them, such a person is a potential cheat when you get married. If the man who wants to marry you demands that you come to cook for him, wash for him, have sex with him because he is dating you or to validate that you will be a good wife, he is a potential cheat when you get married to him.

If she is in relationship with you because of her needs, she makes you responsible for her personal needs and without that, your relationship might not be in existence, let me submit to you, such a person is a potential cheat.

The most painful aspect of cheating is that, the very person you go out loud to meet their needs, the person you do the extraordinary for, are the ones most likely to cheat on you. Those you believed would remain faithful to you because of the sacrifices you make just to keep the relationship, turned out to be the betrayal.

The worst part is, when you compare yourself to the one they cheated on you with and realize you are better off. Have you asked yourself why a husband will cheat on the wife he has vowed to be faithful to, just because she travelled for a short visit?, Or why a wife will cheat on her husband because he has stopped being affectionate for a short awhile? Cheating is not as complex as people think. People cheat because of what they are missing and not what they have.

At the time of cheating their focus is shifted to what they are missing rather considering what they have. A husband is not cheating on his wife is not a good woman, but likely because the wife is not available to meet his sexual needs and he misses that. The wife cheats on the husband not because he is such a bad man, but probably because she misses how he used to be affectionate towards her and wants to seek that elsewhere.

Some partners even threaten their spouses that if they can’t meet their needs then they will look for alternatives or get it elsewhere. They are not grateful for what they have but want to get what they miss at all cost.

If your partner is keeping you because of what he or she is getting from you, or what you give or do for them, remember that at the time you are not available to do that for them, they will look for their needs elsewhere.

Marriage is not built on such selfish desires or on foundation of lust or personal needs. Marriage is selfless, lives on commitment, what you want to give and not what you want to take. Marriage is built on love.

Don’t force anyone into a relationship with you because you can meet their needs today. You are not super human; you cannot always meet all your partner’s needs. If he or she is in with you because of their needs, they will go in search for these needs elsewhere the very time you can’t meet them. It does not matter the number of years you have been doing that.

Such a partner is not thankful for your presence in their lives. They are with you because of needs or the role you play in their life. They believe it’s their right because you are in relationship with them, they find it hard to appreciate what you do for them.

Before you say I do, make sure he or she loves you from the heart and not because of the role you play, their need or mood, else you are replaced or given up anytime you are not able to perform.

In conclusion “None of you should be looking out for your own interests, but for the interests of others” – 1 Corinthians 10:24 (GNT).


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