Surround yourself with friends who honour and respect your spouse. You and your spouse are one; if they disrespect your spouse, they disrespect you.

Surround yourself with relatives who value your marriage, relatives who understand that you chose your spouse for yourself and who don’t fight your decision. You were not a fool to marry the one you are with.

Surround yourself with the right material that feeds your soul and mind for you to better your marriage; not garbage that mocks the institution of marriage. Garbage in, garbage out.

Surround yourself with activities that bring you and your spouse closer; not activities and events that tempt you away from your spouse making you live as if you are back to being single. Leave the season of singlehood and step up to the season of family. There is nothing as sad as watching a full grown adult not acting like the season he/she is in. You are shaped by the environments you take yourself to.

Surround yourself with conversations and engagements that inspire you, challenge you and cause you to make more honourable wealth for your family; not those that take you backwards, waste your money and make you dumber. Build up, don’t tear down.

Surround yourself with people who can keep you accountable when you are going astray, when you are letting your family down or mistreating your spouse; not people who watch you mess up and say nothing, who incite you to hurt your spouse, who pull you away from parental responsibility, who mislead you and cheer you on as you destroy your family.

Many people started their marriage well, then ruined it by surrounding themselves with the wrong people, wrong information, wrong beliefs and wrong events. As an adult, you choose your environment. Remember, your environment not only affects you but also your spouse and your child/children.

What/who do you surround yourself with?


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