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10 Reasons Why You Must Leave That man Quickly!


When it comes to doing the right thing in a relationship, oftentimes, many are so myopic to see the handwriting on the wall. But when the deed has been done, they’ll lament, “Had I known”.

Dear ladies, are you in a relationship with your boo, baby booboo or whatever pet name you choose to call him but you’re noticing some things? If you notice these kind of things listed below, I take the name of the LORD God Almighty in heaven beg you, leave him quickly. In fact, don’t tell me you’re confused or whatever, take action immediately before you enter ‘One chance’.

1) If he can’t save you but tries to ‘sex’ you most times, leave him.

A man is meant to cultivate a woman and not culture her for sex. The only time and place where a man can demand sex from a lady is when he’s legally married to her and in marriage. Any ‘Away’ match is sin. If you like call it what you like, sin is sin.

2) If he wants you to be a wife before marriage, abeg, leave him.

It’s quite painful that some ladies make themselves cheap in the sight of men who doesn’t deserve them. Laundering his clothes, cooking for him and feeding him with your body are wife’s duty, not fiancée’s role.

Are you that cheap to be spending weekends in his house? You better pack your load comot from him wardrobe. Don’t use nylon bag to move your loads into his house. Let the right man use his car to drive you into his house after the wedding reception.

3) If he wants you to be pregnant before marriage, LEAVE him!

Did you see that in capital letters? Don’t negotiate your destiny on the bed of defilement. Pregnancy is not the right way of getting married. That you’re pregnant for him doesn’t mean he is the right person for you to marry.

If he wants you to be pregnant before marriage, abeg, show him the exit door out of your life and throw the key inside Lagoon. Nonsense!

4) If all his attempts is to get you in bed and you can see the signal, abeg give him red card and leave.

Some times, I laugh in Spanish when some ladies tell me, “Sir, I love him. We only kiss, caress and he fondles my breast but I don’t allow him to have sex with me. Should I leave him?”. I’m sure you know the answer.

Kontinu o! God’s watching you in 4D. May he never get you in bed and you’d be running after him to bear the responsibility for your pregnancy. Can you say an Amen to that? Say Amen and leave ni o.

5) If he’s not planning a future with you, do well to leave him.

If a man, I mean a real man is serious with you as a lady for marriage, he’ll build a life with you. He will carry you along in every plans and decisions he’s about to make. But if he doesn’t do that, and you’re using words like, “We”, “Us”; you are on your own o!

Don’t build your life with a man that doesn’t see you in his future. I don talk my own.

6) If he always calls you, not because he loves you but because he wants to monitor your movements, please pack your load and leave.

Is he your bodyguard or a monitoring spirit? Why must he be monitoring you all about? If you have a man that does not give you your own space but checks your phones all the time, monitor your chats or even check your undies (Some insecure men does that); leave him immediately before he withdraws liberty from your life.

7) If he’s gradually leading you away from God and you’re giving him the place where God ought to take in your life, wise up and leave him fast.

My Christian sisters, this matter ‘consign’ una very well. If Bro. Emma is always doing what will get you away from God, you know those things already, abi make I mention them? Instead of saying, “Bro. Emma, stop it, stop it o; leave him and flee! Otherwise, na small small he go take drag you to hell.

A man that doesn’t lead you to God, will expose you to the devil. A real man leads his wife (or fiancée) to God and not to himself alone because he knows she’s safer in His hands.

8) If he’s not doing anything to make your life better than when you met him but he’s always benefiting from you, my dear, you don’t need a prophet to say, “Thus saith the Lord”, pack your bag and leave.

Are you a learner? Don’t you know that a man is meant to make your life better and not worse? If you’re always borrowing him money and he doesn’t pay back and you complain but he’s always saying, “I’m sorry”; e be like say you be ATM.

A man that doesn’t add value to your life will take something valuable from you or reduce your value. Before he reduces your 1,000 yards worth of wife material, leave him o! Don’t wait for ‘Alfa Sule’ to tell you he will change.

9) I don almost forget this one. If he dey sama you beating well well (domestic violence), with immediate alacrity, divorce am.

Don’t think a man that beats you before marriage will change after marriage. Don’t be a mumu o. If he can’t control is anger problems before marriage, marriage will increase is chances o. You have heard many cases of men killing their wives and go talk say na the work of the devil. Shey na devil carry their hand take hold knife or beat their wife?

Abeg, don’t endure that kain relationship so that someone else won’t stand in your gap on the day of your children’s success.

10) If you’re not sure he’s God’s will for your life, “What-are-you-waiting-for?” (In MFM’s prayer chant). I do not mean die o, but leave as fast as your legs could take you.

Jokes apart! This is very SERIOUS and don’t take it with levity. You can compromise some things but never take the place of God’s guidance out of your life. If you are not fully persuaded that your man is God’s will for you, abeg leave him o.

I don’t care if he spends on you like there’s no tomorrow. I’m not bothered about how nice he is or how many times people have told you that you fit una self well well. E no ‘consign’ me even if he’s bought you Prada leather bags, Giuseppe Zanotti sandals, or Emporio Armani dresses, my dear, let God guide you personally and let one or two people bear witness to it. In the mouth of two or more witnesses, every word shall be established.

Don’t let anyone tell you to manage him or that husbands are scarce outside. Truth be told, good men are scarce outside but God knows how to matchmake his faithful children in marriage to fulfill His purpose.

If God doesn’t guide you, anything that comes from the marriage will be your cup of tea. Na the money I get I dey borrow you o. If you don’t have peace of mind in your relationship with him or he multiple dates, l-e-a-v-e him now!

I pray, you will not enter ‘One chance’ marriage where you go dey regret later.


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