It’s true many women want to get married especially at a certain age but what men don’t know is that, she is not looking for the status of being married or title of Mrs. She is looking for a connection, call it a relationship. She wants to have a bond with the man she married. Unfortunately, many men don’t know this.

Lots of men see marriage as having responsibilities and that, meeting those responsibilities is what defines a man as a husband. As such, as soon as he gets married and starts making children, he reduces the time he spends with his wife and channels it into work or making money to meet his responsibilities.

Many wives struggle for the attention of their husbands, to make time for her and spend time with her, while the husband on the other hand thinks those times are over. Time for fun is over. He believes that it is a boyfriend and girlfriend thing. To him, a serious wife shouldn’t be thinking of that.

When many wives ask for outings with their husbands, he is thinking of the cost involved while the wife on the other hand is thinking of it as an opportunity to have great company. She might not be asking you to take her to the most expensive restaurant in town, she wants a man who will value her company and make time to be with her. She doesn’t mind going for a simple walk, having a conversation or hanging out at the cheapest place in town with him.

When a wife is unsuccessful at getting her husband’s attention, she spends such time with her children, developing great affection and bonding with them. She becomes lonely when the children grow up and are independent.

What hurts her more is to see the husband who regards dating as the stage of having fun; and marriage as the stage of responsibilities, hanging out with a side chick, making time for her, taking her out. While the wife is denied.

The worst feeling is when the children are still young and she wants to quit the marriage but the husband does not want her to leave with the children or have custody of them. It’s like stripping her off the only bond and relationship she had developed during the marriage.

Many husbands use their children to blackmail their wives into doing what they want. Married couples need to know that friendship is an integral part of their relationship. You don’t stop being friends with your spouse when you get married, you don’t stop going out for dates. The fun doesn’t stop when you get married.

It takes friendship for a couple to stand up for each other. Friendship is what makes marriage beautiful and it takes a beautiful friendship to change a couple. Couples who are friends bring out the best in each other.

In conclusion, “Take good counsel and accept correction that’s the way to live wisely and well.” – Proverbs 19:20 (MSG).

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