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Men are protective in nature. When a man loves, he protects. Men protect what is valuable. Protect your wife from other women, don’t make other women feel comfortable to bad mouth your wife or disrespect her just because you allow it. Females will treat your wife based on how you treat her.

Protect your wife from your parents and siblings. When you hear them talking badly about the woman you chose and who bore you children tell them “Mom, dad I honour you but kindly show respect to the woman I am building a home with”

Protect your wife from your friends who mock her and speak so casually about her. Those friends might leave you in a few months but your wife is with you for life. If anything happens to you, she will be there for you. When they make fun of her, they are making fun of you, you two are one.

Protect your wife from physical abuse, yes you are masculine and have the ability to inflict physical pain, but don’t abuse that physical power. If you are angry, walk away; if you two have a disagreement, find a mature way to talk about it; if you get caught doing wrong, own up to your mistake, don’t silence your wife through violence to get away with it.

Protect your wife emotionally. Don’t call her names and hurl insults at her to kill her self esteem and get her to do what you want her to do. Inspire to be better, don’t intimidate her to be lesser; that is what it means to be a leader.

Protect her in the spiritual realm. Pray for her and the children. Go to war for your family. Mark your territory where angels operate and declare no weapon formed against your family shall prevail. Put your deep voice to purposeful use.

Protect your children from bullies. When your children come home crying because someone called them ugly, pathetic, good for nothing; push back and speak life and power to your children, tell them they are good looking, blessed, great and special. Don’t be silent when your loved ones are under attack.

If anything happens to your marriage and family, it will be asked, “Where was the man of this home?”


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