We all have a set of people or the kind of person that get our attention, admiration or desire to pursue them.

Some men are attracted to busty women. Big breasted women win their attention without stress.

Some are attracted to heavy backs. Large or rounded buttocks make them salivate.

Some are attracted to very light skinned woman. For some, it is shape of eyes, some succulent lips, some, it is the legs, some it is hair, some it is smell, some, it is a particular body built or structure.

Some women are attracted to 6 pack men, some it is the facial hair: how well trimmed the moustache or beard is, some it is the height, some it is the skin, some, it is the nice hair cut, some, it is the body packaging, for some, it is the body freshness, sweet smell, etc.

It is okay to be attracted to the opposite sex. It is not a sin. It becomes a sin when you pursue them to have an illicit relationship with them.

Whether married or single, till you die, there will always be a kind or set of people that trigger your admiration, attention or “love”! That is your weakness! You must not pursue the object of your attention or you will land into trouble!

Over confidence is what is making people fall flat on their faces!

Some will blindly argue: “I will hang around the person and nothing will happen. All we need is self control.”

God didn’t know there is something called self control when he told you to flee abi?

Some problems are best dealt with when you speak to your two legs!

If you are single and praying for who to marry. Ask God to give you someone whom you will always admire and continuously get attracted to. Control your sexual urge in COURTSHIP by avoiding tempting environments and always meet in public. Body attraction can spark unplanned sexual desire!

If you are married, focus on your spouse and avoid anyone who catches your fancy. Once the attraction is beyond platonic, its time to call a spade a spade and speak to your head, eyes and legs!

If you are in the same working environment, be cordial as much as possible and avoid being together unnecessarily or engaging in personal chats on social media.

If they keep looking for you, find excuses to dodge them.

Stay away from anyone who trigger your sexual side.

Stop deceiving or lying to yourself nothing is happening because you haven’t landed in bed with them.

Nobody just wakes up and falls into sexual sin. It begins with one step at a time till you close up!

May you not fall!

Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!


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