Quite a number of marriages hit the rocks and end up either unhappy or even in divorce, but the problem isn’t with marriage (marriage is a God ordained institution and is perfectly good); the issue is that many people do not place a premium on relationships or value covenants. Since these same people will enter into marriage, then they won’t understand or value the marriage covenant thus will run into problems and likely break the marriage covenant.

A covenant is the strongest relationship that two people can ever have, God honours covenants, that’s why he hates divorce because it breaks covenants. If the two people understand the value of the marriage covenant and practice it, God will so honour and bless that marriage; there will be nothing that they couple wants to achieve that they won’t be able to.
If you are single you should believe God to marry a kindred spirit, someone who shares covenant mentality with you. Marriage is a covenant! It’s two people coming together to become one. Note; it’s not Flowers, Romance, Engagement ring or Valentine’s day, it’s saying you no longer exist as an individual or maintain any solitary right. Both of you die to self and become ONE. You are now bound, connected and committed to someone else.

Marriage is not a contract but a Covenant and these are two different things with different terms and responsibility.

1) In a contract, the two parties remain separate but in Covenant, the two parties become ONE!

2) In a contract, you usually seek your own good and sign it to protect yourself, while in Covenant, you enter it to seek the good and enhance the life of the other person.

3) In a contract, there’s limited sharing, information is only limited to what the business pertains to, while in a Covenant, there’s unlimited sharing. All areas of life are shared, such as; Family, Possessions, Finances, even your body. 1 Cor 7:1-5. Everything you own is ours, that’s why there has to be openness and complete Trust.

4) A contract is signed with ink but a covenant is singed with the shedding of Blood. That’s why the bible said, Two shall become One.

5) A contract is usually time-bound but a Covenant is forever, till Death do us part.

6) A contract can be broken after a time or under certain conditions but a Covenant is unbreakable.

7) A similar kind of contract can be shared among many different people but a Covenant is only between two people. That’s why you have to LEAVE to CLEAVE. Gen 2:25.

8) In a contract, it’s the government or the law makers that enforces it, in a Covenant, God Himself enforces the Covenant. Mal 2:13. When one person dishonors the Covenant, God himself rises to defend the affected person, so in a Marriage Covenant “fighting” the other person is wrong and against the rules. Just keep doing your part of the Covenant and trust God to defend you.

9). A Covenant is built on Sacrifice. The test of a covenant is that you are will to surrender even the most precious, most important, or loved thing. Go the extra mile to please your spouse.

Men, you don’t have to forgo your leadership as the head of the home to honour your wife, you. Put your wife first and submit to her needs(Not submit to her Authority).

Wives. You should submit totally and all the time to your husband. Don’t get it Twisted, you are not to control your husband, you are to respect his Authority!

However, Honouring the Covenant is not about perfect people because no ine is Perfect, you should continue in Love, it’s already shed abroad in your heart. Rom 5:5.
Your wife cannot be lovable at all times, your husband may not make the best decision at all times. But in the Covenant of marriage, you love her in spite of it and respect him in spite of it.

NOTE! Marriage is never/not a contract but a Covenant.
It’s great and enjoyable but it also comes with its responsibilities and demands so it isn’t a child’s play.
You must take the time to prayerfully choose to enter a marriage Covenant with a man/woman who has made God, lord of his life.

Take care not to enter a relationship with a Covenant Breaker! With someone who has no regards for Covenant relationship.
Even in marriage, continually esteem the Covenant with your spouse and you will have the marriage of Dreams.

You will not miss Heaven!


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