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In life, aspire to be a better person each day, not a bitter person for life. Treat those who mistreated you better. It’s a sign you are better than them.

Never try to equalized the bad others did you. It only makes you worse like them.

Pay hatred with love
Pay betrayal with trust
Pay tears with smiles
Pay Goodbye with Hello

This is how you help change people. Be the light wherever you are in life. Shine among your circle of friends, your family and past lovers.

No man is an island, the fact that someone broke your trust doesn’t mean they are not a need in your life. Jesus needed Peter who betrayed him 3 times to establish His church.

Making painful decisions because you are in pain only makes you a bitter person. But making a better decision after painful situations, makes you a better person.

It’s healthy to set boundaries but unhealthy to live with bitterness. Beat bitterness out of you. Become better today.

It’s sad to know some people behave as if they are “God”.

They are sinless
They are blameless
They are errorless
They are mistakeless
They are perfect
Never hurt before

It’s always people who hurt them
It’s always people who betray them
It’s always people who take advantage of them
It’s always people who treat them bad
They forget they hurt others when they are hurt.

As a matter of fact all human beings, born of a woman, except JESUS CHRIST are sinful in nature. We are corrupt.

To you, you are right in your own eyes, but your actions, words, etc might be wrong before others. Let’s learn to love.

“Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins” – 1 Peter 4:8 (NLT).


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