Once, a man returned from work and found his wife cooking. She gave him a sweet loving kiss. They shared happy moments while preparing dinner together. While they were at the dinner table, the woman’s cell received a message from her friend who wished her good night.

The husband saw the message and assumed it was from a man. He got so upset left the dinner table without talking to his wife and went to bed without eating dinner.

The woman looked at her husband with disbelief and wondered how he could be bothered by a simple message? She said to herself “this is ridiculous and I will not go after him.. He is not a kid.”

The woman had her meal and went to bed. She did not speak to the husband and neither did the husband speak to her.. Instead both of them moved to the furthest corner of the bed and turned their back on each other. Their night was very miserable.

At midnight, the wife got a fever and started sweating profusely. She started having difficulties with breathing. She reached out and touched the husband’s back. Without even talking to her, he angrily removed his wife’s hand. The wife went silent and died of heart attack.

In the morning, the husband woke up, took a bath and prepared himself some breakfast and went to work.

The wife was still in bed and he did not bother to talk to her. He proudly said to himself, “I will not speak to her, until she does it first!”

By the afternoon, the man thought about his behaviour and decided that his love for his wife was greater than simple good night message from some guy. He therefore returned home with a beautiful watch that he knew his wife would love.

When the husband arrived home, he was all happy that he was going to give that precious gift to his beloved wife and tell her how much he loved her.

When he got home he went straight to the kitchen hoping to find his wife there and give her the surprise gift.

Instead he found the breakfast remains and utensils just as he had left them in the morning. He was convinced that she was still mad at him!

The man went slowly to his bedroom and found his wife in the same position he had left her. He rushed to wake her up only to find that she was long dead. The husband screamed himself hoarse but unfortunately his wife was no more.

Autopsy tests revealed that she had died of heart attack. He could not forgive himself for taking a hard line position based on mere suspicion which resulted to the death of his wife.

Lessons learnt.
1) Ask yourself how many times you have taken a hard line position in your marriage just to prove a point to your partner.

2) Time is too short for fights. Make best use of time by maximising your happiness.

3) Appreciate your partner with all his/her weaknesses and avoid being selfish due unfounded pride. They say pride comes before a fall. Just know that Pride and love don’t go together.

4) In the event of fights and disagreements try as much as possible not to go to bed while upset with each other. Try to meet each other in the middle through compromise.

5) Sometimes, we have to sacrifice for love; there are no perfect marriages..We have to invest heavily in improving communication and forgiving one another. Had this couple decided to talk and get out of their positions of pride, they would not have gone to sleep angry at each other and the husband would have saved his wife’s life. Consequences of pride in a marriage could be irreversible.

6) If anybody told you that he/she has a perfect marriage, just know right away she/he is a great liar. Couples fight and fight badly for that matter but it’s the ability to revise ones stand, communicate with respect and be honest with each which determines the survival of marriage relationship. Please remove pride and arrogance in your marriage relationships.


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