Home Relationships 5 TYPES OF MEN NOT TO MARRY



1) THOSE WITH ADDICTION PROBLEMS: He got a strong gambling & drinking problem, he uses drugs.

Aunty, marrying such a Man is SUICIDE.

A Man with an addiction can steal, lie, go into debt to sustain his habit, become violent, and usually this habits goes with having bad friends which is also a problem on its own.

2) A PROMISCUOUS PARTNER: You keep catching him with different ladies.

You know he’s cheating on you…
You will think you can cope, till you enter.
“It doesn’t matter, as long as he comes back home to me at night’

“He can have a side chic, as long as I’m the main chic”

Aunty, when you Enter, your eye go clear.

Marriage to a promiscuous Man is a gateway to HELL.

You’ll be embarrassed, despised, mocked, abandoned and even infected.

3) A MAN WHO DOESN’T HAVE A HEART FOR GOD: He’s Handsome, and romantic but he doesn’t go to church.

He’s very generous, but he thinks serving God is fanatism.

Marrying this type of Man is Spiritual Suicide.

Hear the voice of reason, Don’t marry such a man.

4) AN ABUSIVE MAN: His temper is always hot. He’s abusing you emotionally, physically, mentally.

And you believe he’ll change after Marriage, Sister, Run oh. Run for your life. Don’t Marry Thanos.

5) A MAN WHO DOESN’T LISTEN TO YOU: Your complaints always fall on deaf ears. Your opinion never influence or change him.

He listens to only HIMSELF, He knows it all. He’s All in All.

For your own good, avoid this type of Man.

Not every Man is a Bride GROOM, some are Bride DOOM.

Shine your Eyes!


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