One of the dangerous relationships many single guys and ladies are into today is what I called ‘ SANITARY PAD RELATIONSHIP’

I will talk about seven (7) features of this relationship. Examine your present relationship to know whether you are in a ‘Sanitary Pad Relationship’ There are marriages too that are ‘Sanitary Pad marriages’. Let’s consider the features of this kind of relationship:

1) ONLY NEEDED DURING BLEEDING DAYS: You will know you are in a ‘sanitary pad relationship’ when your partner only value your presence when he/she is in need. Some are in a relationship just because they need someone to help them come out of their emotional pain, financial debt, etc. As soon as they feel okay, they will break the heart of the one who was there for them in their ‘bleeding days’

Have you ever seen a lady who wear her sanitary pad on her head as an headgear ? Or tie it around her waist? No! It is always under. It is always ‘buried’ under. If you are in a relationship or marriage, and you are subjected, subdued and your potential, voice, dreams, passions, skills, self esteem are buried under because your partner is domineering and dominating you. That’s a ‘Sanitary Pad relationship’ Look here sir/ma, you have no right whatsoever to bury someone’s life under you all in name that the person is in a relationship with you. Even in marriage, being submissive is not the same as being subdued.

Sanitary pads are relatively cheap. In a relationship where you throw yourself cheap to a guy/lady just to be accepted by him/her. In a relationship where with 500 naira or 100 naira Recharge card, your pant can fall off as if it has no elastic band in it and your back could be easily laid on the bed for a quickie just because of 1,000 naira. That’s a Sanitary Pad relationship. In a relationship where your partner treats you so cheaply without according you any honour and dignity as an image of God, know for sure, you are in a Sanitary Pad Relationship!

Have you seen someone flaunting her used sanitary pad? I have not seen. You hide it after usage. If you are in a relationship and that guy/lady is hiding you from his/her parents for years, hiding you from his/her friends, pastor, and other key people in his/her life, verily verily I say unto you, thou are in a sanitary pad relationship. Gba be!

When your partner keeps telling you ‘ You are irritating me’, I hate you, ‘ you are like a mistake in my life’ ‘I am just tolerating you’ These are statements that show you are being treated with disdain just like a woman will treat and hold her used sanitary pad. Don’t go ahead and marry such a person. You are to be treated with dignity, not with disdain attitude.

Most sanitary pads come with ‘use it and dump it in the bin’ instruction. You don’t keep it. You don’t value it greatly like that. If you are in a relationship and you are feeling being used for the selfish purpose of that your guy/lady, it could be a clear indication that, you are a ‘sanitary pad relationship’ Dear friend, are you treating your partner like a sanitary pad?

Just using his/her money, connection, brain, influence, strength ,etc to achieve your own selfish ambition and in your heart of heart,you are planning to dump her/him once you achieve your plans. I tell you the truth today, you are wicked! Hear what the Lord said concerning you. Read this well ‘ If you repay good with evil, evil will never leave your house’. (Proverbs 17:13)

I was reading a post made by a lady asking her friends to suggest the best sanitary pad for her. Many ladies came on that post and were recommending so many sanitary pads. Many ladies started saying they will try this maker and try that brand of pad.

What does that suggest to you? A woman can have more than one brand of sanitary pad depending on the cheapness and effectiveness. If another company should bring out another new sanitary pad now, once women hear that , this new one is effective and cheaper, they will abandon the one they were hailing as the best before and go for the new one.

In a ‘SANITARY PAD RELATIONSHIP’ , commitment, loyalty and staying and sticking together is not part of their nature. They are constantly looking for greener pastures. Once the guy’s salary or income suffers any reduction, the lady is on her way out to look for higher bidder because she a ‘cash and carry lady’.

Once you have cash, you can carry her to anywhere. There are guys too who are not loyal to their partners. They double date. Keep chasing two or three rats sir, you will loose the three and you might loose your life with it!



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