Have you ever asked yourself why your relationship ended? Why the person you love wholeheartedly disappointed you? Some people opt for suicide or being depressed just because of disappointment in Love relationship without knowing the reason why such relationship must end, There is a reason why God allowed the two of you to separate.

A person you wanted to marry, eventually, something came up and the relationship ended. Either because the partner said he or she is not interested again or other obstacles caused that.

God allowed many relationship to end today because the person you are crying for may even be the one to kill you in the future or even cause you heartbreak or his or her family is very bad for you to go into and by that time, you will start regretting.

We Don’t foreknow the future, so we don’t have to say that as we started with love, we must end the same way because you don’t know what the future have for you both. Only knows that and when he don’t want you to fall victim in the future, he will allow the relationship to end .

Some couples today loved each other affectionately In the first beginning but after few years, it is either the husband start maltreating the wife or the wife maltreating the husband due to parental and friends influence and by that time, there will be regrets. He or she would be regretting ever meeting his husband or wife but in the beginning, she will never believe that the future can bring such maltreatment because of the love that existed then.

So if you are killing yourself because of your relationship ended or the person disappointed you, is not a good thing because you don’t know what God shifted for you.
Some disappointment and relationship end can be a signal that the person is not your destined wife or husband. Even if the person is, he or she will surely come back to you.

Some times you may want to know how to Deal With Disappointment in a Relationship

The first thing that is important to consider is that disappointment in a relationship is inevitable. It is inevitable because you are married to another human being with his/her/their own distinct brain, nervous system, filters, and identity.

You likely feel disappointed with your partner because they either did something you didn’t like or want or didn’t do something you wanted them to do. What matters here isn’t that there is a disappointment; it is how a couple handles it when there is one.

When a partner has done something that has resulted in the other feeling disappointed, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything troubling about your relationship.

It means that your partner is different from you, may have different experiences, thoughts, feelings, preferences, and desires from you.

And at any given time, they may be in a situation where they are not able to be who you want them to be or to behave in a way you want them to behave, for their own often complex and deeply intrapersonal or intrapsychic reasons.

The important part is to remember there are various steps to handle the disappointment.

STEP: 1 Set a time for the two of you to talk about what happened. Make sure it is when you are both calm and in a good place.

STEP: 2. Take a risk and be vulnerable. Let your partner know what they did/didn’t do that was disappointing.

STEP: 3 Be honest with yourself about the assumptions you made about your partner and their behavior and motivations . Then, be honest with your partner about what all this was that was going on in your head.

STEP: 4 Remember that you have a role to play in being heard. Staying as calm, non-judgmental , and non-critical as much as possible will help your partner be able to listen to you.

STEP: 5 Weigh this negative against the positives.

STEP: 6 Avoid thinking in “should haves.”

STEP: 7 Seek counseling.

Finally always keep in touch with the because for every disappointment he is able to turn it into appointment


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