Your partner is not an angel, I hope you know that? I hope you know they have weaknesses aside their strengths and if you do not consciously work with their weaknesses, they may end up tearing your marriage apart.

Weaknesses that people do not deal with are what destroy marriages.
Investigate your partner before marrying them.

Ask serious questions. Probe them. Listen to their siblings, friends and colleagues. What are they saying about them? Don’t just focus on all their good qualities and ignore the flaws only to have them stare you in the face after wedding.

My sibling kept telling my spouse I was authoritative, I was bossy and domineering and that is the truth. I am the first born and a choleric as well! A first born is a leader, a choleric is a leader, so when you have two combined leadership traits, you have Margaret Thatcher in the making.

Hubby listened attentively and carefully, patiently worked on me till I began dropping the weaknesses one by one.

The reason why you are finding out about your partner’s weaknesses is not to criticize or condemn them, it is to help them get better and know how to live with them peacefully in marriage.

I listened to my husband’s siblings while courting, took note of his weaknesses and we both worked on it through the years. We both keep improving and getting better by the day.

Study them around others. How does she treat her father and brothers? She will treat you same way. How does he treat his mother and siblings? He will treat you same way.

If he insults his mother at any slight provocation and abuses his sisters a lot, he has a major character issue. You should both sit down and map out ways to overcome this weaknesses before you settle down or work through the process and see him get better and better by the day.
No one is perfect. Not you or your partner.

We all have weaknesses. Work on yours,. Let your partner work on theirs. You both should help each other become better and better
“For two are BETTER than one”. That is the essence of marriage.

May the good Lord grant you understanding.

Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!


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