Dear single women, As you keep searching for life partners, below are some red flags or warning signals to identify a wrong or fake suitor:

1) SEX: All he wants from you is sex, sex and sex. Every time he meets you, it is sex he demands. If you refuse to yield to his sexual advances, he gets angry with you. If you open your legs for him, he is happy with you. Any man who demands for sex before marriage is a fake suitor. Run for your life..

2) FAMILY INTRODUCTION: He is always postponing family introduction. Under normal circumstances, a man should introduce himself to a woman’s family within 3 months of any serious relationship. If you, as a lady, are in a relationship with a man and he keeps postponing or gives you flimsy excuses, he is not serious.

3) WORK: The man you are dating does not have any specific job he is doing. He keeps promising you marriage but he is not working. He is not serious in starting something. He seems to have a dream but cannot start anything.

4) MONEY: He is always asking you for recharged cards and money. He even gets angry with you if you don’t accede to his requests.

5) MEETING: The guy meets you in hotels, friend’s place or restaurants. He refuses to give you his house address.

6) LIES: He is full of lies. Everything he tells you cannot be relied upon.

7) OTHER WOMEN: He has a job but flocks around with other women. He tells you those women are just friends. Sometimes when you visit him without notice, you find other women in his house.

8) TELEPHONE CALLS: When he is with you, he switches off his mobile phones. He may even refuse to answer some calls if he is with you for fear of exposing his secret relationship with you. He padlocks his phones and you cannot have access to it.

9) ATM CARDS: He maintains several bank accounts. He has over 10 ATM cards with different banks but his source of livelihood is shrouded in secrecy. He does not allow you to know his sources of incomes but keeps spending money lavishly at all times. Such a guy may be a criminal.

10) FEAR: Anytime you are with him, he is always afraid of law enforcement agents. When he sees policemen around, he is not comfortable. He is always in a panic mood. He is restless any moment he sees policemen around. Such a guy may be a criminal.

11) IDENTIFICATION: He has different names he bears on his means of identification. If you ask him why he bears different names, he tells you that it does not matter.

12) STRANGE FRIENDS: He has strange friends around him. Some of his friends are people of questionable characters.

13) ASSAULTS: He is always abusing you even in the public. He molests you. He gets angry with you and starts insulting you. Later, he will apologize and still repeats same.

14) RAPE: On different occasions, he has raped you because you did not cooperate with him. After raping you, he apologizes and still continues to rape you. NOTE: This may sound strange but some ladies foolishly date rapists

15) RESPECT: He has no respect for you. He talks to you as if you are a slave yet he promised to marry you.

16) HAPPINESS: He is always angry and fights you but the only time he is happy with you is during sexual intercourse. Immediately after sexual escapade, he starts insulting you. NOTE: This happens and any woman who continues with such a man is a big fool.

17) TRIBALISM: He hates your tribe. He detests your culture because he is from another tribe, yet he claims he loves you. NOTE: A man who loves you must love your tribe and cultures.

18) RELIGION: He practices another religion that is different from yours. He is an extremist but you don’t like his religion. NOTE: Marrying such a man is disastrous.

19) ALCOHOL: He is a terrible alcohol addict. He drinks himself to stupor and loses his senses anytime he is intoxicated. He apologizes later but still continues his alcoholism attitude.

20) SMOKING: He smokes weeds and cigarettes. You are not comfortable with smoking habits but you only want to manage him since there is no alternative. NOTE: You cannot cope with a smoker in marriage if you cannot cope with him now.

21) PROPOSAL: Since you have been dating, he has never proposed to marry you but keeps having sex with you. After sex, he pays you. NOTE: The man has turned you to a prostitute.

22) ACCOMMODATION: He squats with friends. He has no plan of getting his own accommodation. You meet him in his friend’s house and he gets angry when you advise him to get his own accommodation.

Dear single women, this is New Year. A lot of men are destroying the lives of ignorant women. If you notice any or a combination of the above characters in man’s life, don’t take the risk of marrying such a man. Many women are regretting now in their homes as they failed to be sensitive to these warning signals.


May you not fall in love and fall into trouble.🙏🏻


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