Home Relationships 15 ADVISES FOR COUPLES



1) Don’t ever think of divorce in your marriage, if you do, you will have it someday.

2) You need third party when you both cannot sort out your differences.

3) Don’t emulate any family if you don’t know the price they are paying in the secret.

4) Don’t go to marriage with your bags of rights, drop all your rights in your father’s house.

5) Don’t compare your spouse with anyone. Be contented with what you have.

6) Don’t hold unto any tradition that does not promote love, unity and peaceful coexistence. Break any tradition that wants to break your marriage.

7) Don’t expect too much from your spouse, reduce your expectations if you want to be happy.

8) Don’t let quarrel stops you from communicating. Quarrel and misunderstanding are normal in any healthy relationship, don’t let Satan magnify it for you.

9) ALWAYS say SORRY when your spouse says you offended him/her. Heal the wound before explaining.

10) Don’t place anybody above your spouse except God.

11) Play together, pray together, plan together. Don’t be too serious or carried away with family responsibilities not to play together.

12) Don’t deny each other sex, if you must do, give good reason and make it up with when you are dispose.

13) If you have problem in your marriage, don’t blame each other, take responsibility together.

14) Design your own marital formula that suits both of you, not the one that will please your parents, pastor, friends, marriage counselor or any other person.

15) Treat each other with kindness and understanding. Give allowance for mistakes.

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