1) Learn how to comfort your partner; when you see them in a bad mood, say or do something to make them feel better.

2) Don’t bottle things up; when you are offended, let them know, don’t keep malice or plan revenge, they might not even know they did anything wrong.

3) Learn to let go of small things; you don’t have to get angry at every little thing, overlook somethings.

4) Keep dating your partner; don’t stop doing the interesting things you started the relationship with, be deliberate about winning their heart continuously.

5) Give your partner “The Big Half; for food sharing, always offer them the bigger part, for service sharing, offer them the less stressful part, let them be the one to reject it willingly.

6) Express your love often; don’t assume they know, tell them and show them at every opportunity you get, nobody gets bigger than feeling loved.

7) Ask your partner what you can do for them; don’t assume they don’t need anything, they might not just want to bother you.

8) Laugh together; partners who are able to laugh together, stay together, so don’t be afraid to be silly with your partner sometimes.

9) Always talk to each other with respect; don’t allow see-finish make you disrespect them, everyone deserves respect, and respect is reciprocal.

10) Be comfortable saying “I’m Sorry”; If you want your relationship to last, you have to learn to take accountability when you make a mistake or hurt your partner’s feelings. It’s not always easy to say “I’m sorry” in a relationship, but it’s important, so get comfortable apologizing to your partner.

11) Don’t forget to say “Thank you”; express gratitude and show appreciation to your partner, even for the little things, it will help ensure that your relationship stays strong over time.

12) Be each other’s number one priority; don’t place work, career or a third-party over them, consider them when making your plans so they don’t feel left out.


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