One thing I have come to discover is that ladies are not the problem. All a lady needs is to meet a man that can train and nurture her with capacity to tap into the potentials in her …

God’s delight is to find a man in lady’s life who can fulfill the roles of discipleship, priesthood, leadership and mentorship.

I have found that what most ladies claim to know even before meeting a man may be full of errors and fallacies until she meets a man who has accurate knowledge of the Word and ways of God that can bail her out and get filled with the Spirit then set her on course for divine manifestation.

Dear brothers, take this from me your lady is not the problem if she’s teachable and submits her heart to you.

God’s delight is to find a man in lady’s life who can fulfill the roles of discipleship, priesthood, leadership and mentorship.

Ladies are like phones, yes! Phones function according to the operating system in them. Ladies live after the kind of the men in their lives.

Get this from me, if God plans that you and your fiancée/ wife would live together for 50 years before death separate you, as a man it may take you 5 years of diligent priesthood and mentorship to train and nurture her while she would function in your life for the rest 45 year after your training. You must be correct at all cost as a man. You must pray for this.

The best thing that can happen to you as a man is to encounter certain kinds of teachings and materials that will be correcting the errors in you first before you would be begin to function as head over a lady.

Do you know there are some ladies that would fight their mentors, pastors, even their parents because they are in love with a man. That’s how much a lady can believe a man she loves. Why not use this opportunity to train her?

I’m always sad when I see men beating their wives for whatever reason, I always ask myself, when he had the power and liberty to train her what was he doing?

Labour to be correct first and watch her take after you.

Take this from me, it is not fun that you have a lady that loves you but responsibility.

The responsibility to be a correct man that can tap into the potentials in her.

Personally, I always respect men who their wives are doing well under them spiritually, career wise, professionally and in the home front. That’s a huge success.

The proof of your security as a man is in how much your wife can serve God unhindered under you.

If you train your wife or fiancée to be prayerful, she will the first intercessor in your life.

If you train her to be disciplined, she will never mess up in your absence.

If you keep showing her those who represent what God wants her to be, she will labour exceedingly to be her best. That’s how ladies her.

No matter how strong you’re spiritually, emotionally and intellectually you will still need a woman to help you arrange your life. Pls allow your fiancées and wives to play this role. Don’t be too rigid.


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