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I watch how folks treat others within their sphere they consider less than themselves; it’s a foolproof measure of their level of kindness, not how they treat those they hope to gain from.

Someone can be pretending to treat u well but opposite when it comes to others. Kindness can’t be faked.
I had someone, to me she could try to hide but whenever her maid did something out of context, I really saw her real character. Words full of despising lines.

Actually to add on.
Personally I weigh your kindness on how u treat others especially those are less privileged than u are. How do u treat your employees if u have some, how do u treat your poor neighbors, maid, etc

Kindness is not “giving”
Kindness in relationships is a humane person and treats people as humane. With concern, consciousness, forgiveness, love and trust. Someone who wants to make you better and can come through for you when they can. They make your life easier


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