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I used to do so when I was single. I had an extremely flat stomach. I felt I was too slim or call it thin. I felt malnourished and looked at robust ladies with envy. I didn’t like how I looked and I felt unattractive.

Few years after marriage, I mean after having my first baby, I blew up! It was hard work to have my flat stomach again and what I got worried sick as a single person was what I desperately prayed for in marriage.

I never knew keeping to shape is a good asset in marriage until hubby began to remind me how so sweet sweet and great great I looked being slim, he doesn’t like the fat at all, uuuuughhhh! Father Laaaaawwwwd!!!

Oh, father, help thy daughter! I battled the fat and began to miss my single ‘ol days’. With discipline, exercise and lots of self control, I’m back to shape but father, it is hard work!

The bottom line is this: appreciate what you have. Don’t lose it before you value it! There is someone crazy for your type of person.

Don’t ever try to change yourself for anybody. When the right man/woman comes, they will fall in love with everything about you including your looks!

Do you think you have small breasts, oh I did until I got married and my husband has been crazy about my assets. He practically adores them! Do you think your back is flat? I did till child bearing knocked them out and I couldn’t believe my eyes! Hubby loves to gaze as well! You think anything is wrong with your skin?

Oh yes! I did till I saw people with fire accidents, acid bath and I shut my discontented mind up! Do you think you are too short and look far younger than your age? Oh I did till my lover went completely crazy over my stature and nicknamed me “portable”!

The Bible says, “You are fearfully and wonderfully made!” Your head, eyes, nose, teeth and body structure are wonderfully made for your future spouse! Appreciate them. When you do, God will send the man/woman who will value them your way.

You don’t need to bleach your skin darli


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