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Parenting is not intended for a single gender. Otherwise, God would have arranged it such that each gender bears offspring on its own. God understands that one gender cannot provide all that is required to raise a healthy child, which is why it requires two to become pregnant, and yes, two individuals are required to raise the same child.

One of the current societal challenges is that of a dysfunctional home setting. Especially when the masculine gender, who is supposed to guide and provide leadership for the next generation, is absent. Some are even physically available yet emotionally unavailable. They are simply occupying space in the same way that matter does.

Their impact is not felt by their children, who are unaffected by their actions. They had no influence at all. They are just fathers by birth. They believe that buying baby milk, paying school fees, providing shelter, and so on is the sum total of parenting, and you begin to wonder.

The one that attempts to make their presence felt is a tyrant of a father. Nature is cohesive. It’s either their way or the high way.
I once heard a girl say that she had only seen her father twice a week since she was a child. We assumed it was probably work-related and that he doesn’t stay in the same state as them. Only for her to burst our bubbles. He opted to live close to his workplace; returning home every day was a source of stress for him.

After all he’s provided, he’d rather sacrifice his family time.
What stops him from relocating his family to the same area where he conducts business? For crying out loud, they are in the same geographical location, only an hour or two drive away .
Fatherhood is a big responsibility, not a title. Make yourself available to your family. Save the future generation from the stress that your absence is already generating.

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