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Its an undeniable fact that many men are in relationships where they are not happy and as a result they try to look for happiness elsewhere. They keep complaining to their ladies “you are not making me happy or I am not happy in the relationship”. To these ladies they are doing their best to make him happy but it looks as if their best is not enough.

The question she keeps asking herself is that, what does a man really want apart from sex. To her, she has given him sex yet that is not the solution to the happiness they are lacking in the relationship.

What she doesn’t know is that, he wants to be treated as a king and bringing you on board as his partner, he expects his queen to know how to treat a king. Your respect for him should not be measured by the status of the relationship, that he is not your husband yet so you give him less respect and when he becomes your husband, he earns full respect.

He believes he is not a half man so he deserves full respect. He is not a part-time lover so he deserves full time respect. Your respect for him is not measure by how much he earns or the kind of job or profession he has, what he drives or how much he gives you. Your respect for him tells him how well you have been raised and the kind of honour he is bringing home as a wife.

Lots of men will sleep with you, play with you, but end up getting married to someone else because he is convinced; the other lady respects him more than you or believes you don’t respect him. So be mindful of the way you speak to him, your choice of words, tone and how you react towards him when you are angry or upset.

He wants a friend he can talk to about anything without being misunderstood. A friend who is welcoming, who accepts him, comforts him in time of distress and makes time to be together.
He doesn’t want a woman who behaves like his mother, trying to control him, tell him what to do rather than suggesting to him. He doesn’t want a relationship where he is the only one always making initiatives like the first to call or the one always calling.

He wants his woman to show care by checking on him if he is not able to do so, listen more than being judgmental. Learn to know him and understand him. He is happy with a woman who is hard working, independent and not lazy. A woman who can take good care of herself, for it takes such a woman to take good care of him and her family.

A woman who does not need to depend on him for everything, money, directions, etc. A woman who is mature and is not always listening to people for direction on personal decisions, who won’t involve lots of people in their relationship; A woman who can keep his secret safe with her, who can keep his plan and vision safe and help him in every little way or means to achieve them; she is the one who makes him happy.

Dear young lady, if he is losing interest in the relationship, complaining he is not happy being in the relationship, dragging his feet when you talk of marriage, its time you take a second look at how you have related with him in the past, and the things outlined here.

Don’t wait for it to be too late.
Dear young man, if you are not happy with her because of how she relates to you, be bold and talk to her about it. If you are not seeing any changes, please end the relationship. Dont just marry her because she is beautiful or because you love her. Be wise, a marriage filled with sorrow will kill you faster than a deadly disease.

In conclusion, “A wise child brings joy to a father; a foolish child brings grief to a mother.” – Proverbs 10:1 (NLT).

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