A few days ago, I saw a movie about a couple whose marriage had become shaky due to the wife’s obsession with her job and career. Apparently she had more time for her job than her marriage.

Every time she and her husband scheduled a date night, something came up at work and she never made it. To the man’s credit, he tried to be accommodating and understanding.

Meanwhile, a lady at her husband’s office had been pining for oga’s attention, going the extra mile to seduce and get him to have an affair with her.

Now, on this ill-fated day, oga was waiting for madam at a restaurant for their date night while madam’s boss sent her to meet a client at another restaurant to close a business deal that would earn their company several billions of naira. She had intention of quickly closing the deal and meeting up with her husband.

Unfortunately, the jezebel in oga’s office saw madam with the client at the restaurant, took pictures from the wrong angle and sent to oga, telling him his wife was having a swell time with a guy more handsome than himself. This must have looked bad because madam didn’t tell her husband about the last minute meeting with the client.

Meanwhile, the client made sexual advances at madam. She got really pissed, walked out on the meeting and went straight home. In her fury, she must have forgotten about her date with oga. Oga on his part after receiving the pictures, went home to see if he would get any evidence of his wife’s infidelity and unfortunately stumbled on a pack of birth control pills his wife kept (they have been married for 5 years without any child).

With this ‘evidence’, oga believes madam used birth control pills so she won’t get pregnant from her “sexual escapades” with other men and in his rage, went to seek out the Jezebel and that was how his own illicit affair started.

Madam quit her job the next day after her boss told her she had to do whatever needed to be done to secure that deal. Oga was already acting strangely and hardly ever coming home. Madam hadn’t even had the chance to tell oga what had been happening with her because he had been elusive.

Jezebel became ‘pregnant’ and now oga asked for divorce from his wife. She was confused. How did her marriage deteriorate to this level? What happened? She knew she hadn’t had time for the marriage in a while but she quitted her job so she can be a better wife and her husband has become a stranger. He refused to talk to her, always giving her the silent treatment.

Finally, he confronted his wife about the picture and the birth control pills. She explained that a new policy was put in place at work that once you get pregnant, you won’t qualify for promotion and she badly needed to be promoted due to the time and effort she had put in building the company. She explained what happened with the client at the restaurant and how she had to quit her job as a result.

Oga didn’t believe her, after all, he had gotten another woman pregnant and will soon be a father. He told his wife as much, and even though there had been a misunderstanding, she agreed to give him the divorce and leave.

It was a long sad story but take a pause and think about how the story would have ended differently if oga confronted his wife immediately he received the picture; what if he confronted her immediately he saw the birth control pills? What if he didn’t assume the worst of his wife and sought succor in the arms of another woman? Or had he been looking for an excuse to cheat?

Five minutes (or less), just a few minutes of communication would have saved this marriage. A few minutes of communication would have made a huge difference.

Anyway, oga later found out Jezebel lied about being pregnant. She had other boyfriends. She just wanted to wreck his home. Oga ran back home just in time to see his wife packing her things to leave. He apologized, she forgave him and they lived hapilly ever after!

Make out at least five minutes to communicate and trash issues between your partner, it can save your marriage!

Let’s hear it, what are some of the deadly assumptions couples make that can ruin their relationship? How will communicating save their relationship?

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